Finally… new platform for our web in Comvort

Comvort new website

After several months of hard work, our member in Spain, Aplica Comunicación, has made it happen. The new web migrated to WordPress system, is now a reality that will make things easier for Comvort, hence, to the rest of members in the network.


How? communications to follow soon where we will be updating you all carefully about all the improvements but basically this new web, which mantains the corporate identity design and its main structure, will provide more user friendly functionalities and a much more effective navigation menus. One of the major contributions of our collegues in Aplica and its team, has been precisely all the back office work to reprogram the old web for a better SEO management purposes and get the right exposure in Google. With all this now under control, we hope to generate more traffic to the site to rise Comvort awareness and its members.

Comvort new website
Comvort new website


Main improvements:

1. Private Member area easier to manage and upload/update information, Cases Studies etc.
2. Sections and menu easy to find and navigate/browse
3. More presence of Comvort -The International Marketing Blog, for which it has been created a specific Url. We’ll be reviewing/introducing the SEO keywords in our contents accordingly in the next days.
4. New section Market Place, where members will be able to present/sell specific products.
5. PR tool / Request tool will be functioning in this new platform as usual.