Welcome LMWR, new Comvort member in Paris

LMWR is a full service agency with more than 80 professionals and  founded in 1985. 


Left ro right: Emmanuel Miani,Co-chair, Frédérik Chaigne, Co-chair, Samuel Pineau, New-business Manager.



With the main office in Paris and another office in Nantes, LMWR has six main departments:


LMWR: brand positioning, branding, naming.

MEDIAWR: media planning, web marketing, SEO/SEA, retargeting, social ads.

BUZZWR: social media, community management, e-reputation, content management. 

DIGITALWR: UX Design, websites conception and development, e-commerce.

PRODWR: motion design, corporate video, shooting, print.

DESIGNWR: design packaging, spatial design, merchandising. 


LMWR has great  expertise in food, tourism, health and cosmetics and retail.


The agency is today driving the communication and digital strategies and it’s implementation for several international accounts, that need representation in France and coordination with a variety of stakeholders.


LMWR is composed of more than 80 professionals who share the same philosophy

“The Work and Roll” to build simple, clear and powerful ad campaigns that get results.


The Work     …is strategic energy


It is a strategic requirement fed by a substantial work of investigation and of constant forecasting, carried out by exclusive tools and methods of great efficiency which is already appreciated by clients whose know-hows need to be accompanied to open new ways of innovation. The Work means being curious and exploring new paths of persuasion to serve innovation and the growth of brands, products, points of sales, services or territories.


The Roll   …associated to creative strength


It is sharing and putting in interactive talents in order to create completely new ways of producing speeches, design products, packaging and other relevant activities.

The Roll is based on a creative, cultural, artistic and technologic variety, always in effervescence to promote a new relation and to create communication between brands and people. The Roll is launching more and more unique expressions, simple, beautiful, stunning or wry, to convince and set up a last-longing relationship.


The Agency has several tools to develop brands thanks to a methodology that demonstrates their ability to create, boost, monitor activities and to respect international brand guidelines.


Welcome on board LMWR, let´s Work and roll !


Barcelona, 07.02.2019.