W Communication Agency celebrates 20 years with silver

International B2B agency W Communication Agency starts off 2018 and its 20th anniversary with a 2nd prize in the category “Best advertising agency 15-25 MSEK” in the contest Agency of the Year – the largest study of the communication industry within the Nordics. CEO Lisa Önnerlid looks back and on what has been, and what is to come.

Founded in 1998, W Communication Agency celebrates 20 years as an international B2B agency within the segments industry, technology and life science.

– I simply can’t believe it’s been 20 years – it feels like 10, tops, says Lisa Önnerlid, CEO of W Communication Agency.

W agency lisaonnerlid (2018)

Lisa has been with the agency since the start. Twenty years ago, the world of marketing looked very different. It  was the beginning of the Internet era, with print and traditional advertising still the focus. Despite the changes,  the ground on which W Communication Agency is based on, was the same then as it is now:
– The core for the agency is to help our clients create strong brands and drive sales, by providing strategic and creative expertise. However, the context today is different in so many ways; it’s mobile, availability 24/7 and with a huge variety of digital platforms and channels to choose from. The fight for attention is tougher, which means that customer insights are more important than ever. In fact, it is a crucial element to succeed with communication and marketing.

Back in 1998, an independent agency with a local and global network was rather unusual, giving W Communication Agency an advantage. With 20 years of collaborating with experts within different fields, W is today ahead of many agencies in the network aspect:

– Being part of a network means that we have the privilege to work with the right people for each specific assignment, enabling us to deliver tailored communication solutions. This gives us an edge, Lisa says.

A silver in Agency of the Year

Being an agency with a clear B2B focus, staying true to its core values and mantra “Turning complexity into clarity” has paid off; W Communication Agency recently won 2nd prize in the “Agency of the Year 2018” award – the largest study of the communication industry within the Nordics.

W agency Årets Byrå 2018 NOMINEE Knapp ENG

– It’s extra special to be able to start off our 20th anniversary year with a second place in the Agency of the Year;  confirming that our agency strategy is relevant and sustainable, says Lisa.

The competition, now running for the 18th year, is purely based on rankings from active customers of the  nominated agencies. Around fifty interview questions cover different criteria such as creativity, strategic competence, digital ability, proactivity and engagement. This year, 154 agencies took part in the annual contest.

– We are incredibly proud, especially since the results are entirely based on testimonials from our clients. Having happy customers is everything, says Lisa.
So, what’s the recipe for building a successful agency with happy clients?

­– It is the same recipe our grandparents used: hard work, a positive, can-do mindset and a constant strive to do better next time. Whatever you put your energy into, it will grow. So, by defining a niche and putting all your energy into being great within that niche, success will come.

For more information, please contact:
Lisa Önnerlid, CEO
W Communication Agency
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