The Vikings conquered the world, Comvorters will conquer Denmark

Marmaid in Copenhagen, AGM Comvort


The Vikings conquered the world, Comvorters will conquer Denmark…

As every year, we, the Comvort-Group, are organizing our Annual General Meeting, which is going to take place this year in Copenhagen, Denmark from the 21st of October until the 23rd of October. After discussing many weeks about the location, we decided to take Copenhagen because of its central and favorable position in the world map. Moreover, Lars Lindskov from Lindskov Communication , our Danish member, declared his willingness to organize the event this year.


This edition, the Annual Meeting is going to be slightly different than it was in the last years. After evaluating several opinions of our members, we decided to cut the AGM 2016 to a shorter and more compact version, so that we can keep the concentration on one day, Saturday the 22nd. Friday and Sunday can be used by our members on their own, so that they can spend more time intern and with our other members. So as you can see, we are able to come over with a program tailor-made for the majority of our fellows.


Despite the shorter version this year, we can assure that the members will not leave the event without being more experienced and satisfied than before. Apart from informative  and inspiring presentations of the invited speakers, we are proud to announce that we are going to be part of lectures held by the Managing Directors of Coca Cola Co. and Continental Tires, the market leader in their sections. But as we mentioned, the program is customized for most of our members. That means, that beside the performances of the global players, the clients are able to attain also knowledge from other guests. Handling an international shitstorm (communication crisis), content marketing & technologies or the convert from print to online media are just a few very interesting topics in this edition of our AGM.


Harbour of Copenhagen, AGM Comvort
Harbour of Copenhagen, AGM Comvort


Finally, to wrap it all up, we will be organizing on Saturday night our traditional Gala Dinner in a breathtaking iconic venue spot in Copenhagen, in fact the traditional Tivoli Garden in the heart of Copenhagen. Enough said from our side. All the relevant information and details can be checked in the program.


So whether being a small, middle or big-sized company, our program gives every of our member the possibility to gain experience and many important information. Furthermore, getting in direct face to face contact with the Managing Directors and CEOs of the presenting companies enable the members to shake hands and to find ways of collaboration within the network.


Do we have to add anything? Only that we, from the Central Comvort office, encourage our members to be part of this special and unique AGM, because it is in our interest to level them the way to a long successful future. It is our exercise, or better said, our order to refresh every year the information our members have by organizing this special event. So it is not just a short-term payment or a further education, it is an investment, a long-term investment in success and longevity.


Mehdi Zghinou, Comvort Team

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