From a rock band to a Digital award-winning agency: LimeSoda #rocks…!


From a rock band to a digital award-winning agency…

Welcome LimeSoda, new Comvort member based in Vienna. LimeSoda is one of Austria’s leading digital agencies. In 2002 they formed out a rock band after pursuing the music scene in the 90′ while studying and freelancing as a web designers -amongst several other jobs-. They decided at the time to take the plunge and today, they have become a solid digital agency with more than 30 fix employees working at their office, in the Austrian capital. They specialize in ecommerce, web portals, social media and search engine marketing.


Their services include consulting, design, programming and digital marketing covering the industries of E-Business, Apparel & Fashion, Automotive, B2B, Consumer Electronics, Food & Beverage, Gambling and IT. They have been awarded “Best Austrian E-Commerce Agency” for their projects and also recognised with the “Annual Multimedia Award” or “State Award Multimedia”. With clients such as Toyota, Samsung or Red Bull, this multi award-winning agency uses their own staff and they’re official ‘Google Partners’, but what really counts: “We have a lot of fun building digital solutions for our clients”, explains Dr.Philipp Pfaller, Managing Director of the company.


Comvort new member LimeSoda_Philipp-Pfaller
Philipp Pfaller, Managing Director LimeSoda

Here are other topics and questions covered:

C. How come did you convert/make the plunge to Digital from the music/rock band scene? During the 1990s we played in a rock band while we were studying and freelancing as bar keepers, diving instructors, IT consultants and web designers. We used our collective knowledge to build our band website which was one of the first in Austria. Not long after creating the site we came to the realization that our ability to create websites was much better than our music, that was the start of LimeSoda. The name derived from our bar keeping history. Not man enough to name the company GinTonic we stuck to LimeSoda.


C.  As a digital specialized agency, what are the demands of your clients nowadays and how Agencies need to evolve/adapt? Within the last decade utilizing the internet as part of your business evolved from a nice-to-have to die-without for many companies. E-Business became crucial and a game changer in some industries. Our clients demand deep knowledge and skills in fields like digital strategy, e-commerce, search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and a lot of other buzzwords.


C.  What are the main industries LimeSoda is covering? Our main industries would be E-Business, Apparel & Fashion, Automotive, B2B, Consumer Electronics, Food & Beverage, Gambling and IT.


CYou are ‘Google partners’, can you elaborate what that means (for our members that are in other sectors of MarCom?) what does that embroil exactly? This recognizes our agency as an AdWords certified partner. AdWords is the part of Google the operates the pay-per-click advertising in Google search results and millions of partner pages. To obtain partner status your staff need to be certified in AdWords and you need to meet the spending requirements across your managed accounts to show that your agency has a healthy amount of activity. Last but not least you have to implement the recommended best practices in your client accounts to demonstrate that you are maximizing their AdWords performance.


CWhat advice would you give a business looking to market their products in your country using your services? Don’t try to use campaigns of Germany directly for Austria 🙂


C. What advantages do you think there are by being part of an international agency network such as Comvort? We are looking forward to exchanging knowledge with other agencies and want to offer clients international connections.


C. Do you have any examples of projects you have worked in the past on an international level? We have worked on several social media marketing projects for Samsung in Switzerland, Slovenia and Austria. We have international e-commerce projects where we need to localize the store for dozens of countries and cooperate with local staff.


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