OWB challanges you to win the OBS ‘TOP PIC Competition’

OBS students

Click here to see the flyer version: OWB – OBS TOP PIC Destination Competition

OWB presents …..the ‘OBS Top Pic Destination’

Do you want to show off your agency creative & artistic assets while winning a fun and rewarding competition worth £200 of iTunes vouchers?  OWB Creative Communications, on behalf one of their key accounts, OBS-Online Business School- wants to show the OBS Website in iconic city locations to prove OBS main selling point:

“With OBS you can study online, anywhere, at any time at your convenience…”

What are we asking? 

We want to show images of people looking at the website whether on laptops or tablets with iconic images in the background…Since Comvort gathers agencies from all over the globe, we encourage you to show your photographic skills and brag about your destination.

It will be fun to see our colleagues and friends of Comvort taking a pic from the office where they are based and work every day!

OBS student from Taj
OBS student from Taj

Don’t be shy, show off!

Can the Comvort agencies take a great picture of them looking at the website with a well-known image (building, landscape, cityscape) in the background or foreground. We would love to get a shot from every agency in our network and from all over the world!

The Top Pic Destination OBS Competition

All we ask is:

– The image can be used royalty free by OBS (we will credit the photographer).- The shot shows someone practically looking at the OBS website with a famous or iconic building/location in shot.

– The most creative shot will win £200 of iTunes vouchers and a framed image of their shot for their office and certificate (plus a discount if they decide to go on and do a degree on the OBS website!!!).


 -Ideally we would like imagery back by July 31st 2014.
-Images can be sent to andy@owb.uk.com

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