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OWB Communications successfully delivered the Online Business School (OBS) new website design and software

Once again the British education system has been innovated. In part, this has been possible thanks to the work of one of our members,    OWB Creative Communications, based in Birmingham, UK-.

OBS are now delivering affordable undergraduate and postgraduate pathways to a wide range of international students through their purpose built online portal. After twelve months of intensive website design work, user interface testing, web development, supported with brand design, global SEO and content strategy, OBS has launched their new website making knowledge and learning accessible to students from all over the world. The website, active since the start of February this year, has been a success due to the expertise of OBS and the vision, brand design and web development of OWB. Andy Wilkinson, Managing Director of OWB, explained: “We had a soft launch of the product prior to Christmas and went fully live at the end of January”.

Wilkinson revealed that the OBS Facebook page has received 37,000+ Likes within three weeks of launch and commented: “The Initial feedback and sign up has been excellent from across the globe. 2014 will deliver an intensive marketing programme around the world to build the brand and convert students to the leader in online learning.” Wilkinson also highlighted some of the key features of the website design software that OWB delivered:

OWB Communications successfully delivered the Online Business School (OBS) new website

Andy Wilkinson, from OWB Communications-Comvort- delivers the Online Business School new website


•    Design and brand architecture of the OBS brand.
•    Design of the website and all support elements, including Software development.
•    Intense build programme showcasing unique features such us online taster modules, drag and drop lessons, interactive tutorial films, online purchase, MI system and bespoke CMS
•    Offline and online marketing plan including SEO partnership in India and online advertising through study portals.
•    Stage 2 programme and APP development for mobile platform in case that course can be completed offline.

Wilkinson states that OBS is an “industry pioneer,” explaining: “The proposition is simple, study online through the website and top-up to a degree or MBA from a UK university from as little as £4,000.



“The interest levels are superb, we have spent a great deal of time looking at the typical student, working on the user journey and online experience through focus groups and working hand-in-hand with the OBS managementteam to deliver a unique product that will set the world of learning alight”, explains Wilkinson.

Find out moreOWB Communications successfully delivered the Online Business School (OBS) new website

 OWB Communications-Comvort- delivers the Online Business School new website.

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