New Staff

We would like to inform you that our colleague Raquel has recently decided to take a new challenge and join another company voluntarily. We wish her all the best for her future.

Therefore, we are very happy to welcome two new people to our team. They will perform the same tasks as Raquel did until now, especially the correspondence with our network members and also contacting potential clients.

Madea Ghaussy and Ricard Margalef, have both a very long history of international experience. They have been working in countries like Japan, Germany, Australia, Thailand, United Kingdom, Afghanistan and Spain. Thus, Madea is fluent in German, Farsi, English and Spanish, and Ricard in Japanese, English, Spanish and Catalan.


Ricard Margalef

Madea Ghaussy


They are both here to assist you with anything you may need, regardless whether you are an actual or potential member.