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Mediagate award Prèmios Eficácia

Once more, Comvort is glad to hear when good work pays off and consequently, rewarded. On this occasion, it’s been our fellow members and friends from Mediagate (in Lisbon, Portugal) that have recently been awarded with three out of the well-known Efficiency Awards (Prémios à Eficácia), organised every  year by APAN (Portuguese Advertisers Association). Its goal is to promote the excellence of communication and its capability to help reaching the companies’ goals.

According the information provided by our fellow member in Lisbon, “the philosophy behind these Efficiency Awards is to recognize the importance of communication as a fundamental tool that Marketers can use to achieve marketing goals”.

The strength of these awards is the efficient use of marketing resources. They come from advertisers goals working together with the agency in developing a strategy, evaluating every single detail of advertising actions: goals, strategy, creation, development, planning and at last the achieved results. Efficiency Awards encourage the transmission of knowledge and possibility to learn more about the best practices applied to advertising and communication.

“Winning an Efficiency Award is the result of overcoming a challenge and to become successful in that. It’s the public recognition of quality decisions, strategic planning, creative development and the ability to seduce the receivers/consumers”, explains Diana Vinhais, Media Planer Executive in Mediagate.

These awards are the only ones in Portugal that focuses on the results achieved with communication actions.

Mediagate award Prèmios Eficácia

Mediagate team, Premios Eficácia
Mediagate team, Prèmios Eficácia

The Mediagate awards are the following:

  • Category: Health, Hygiene, Beauty and Home care.

Campaign “Eu

Advertiser: Menarini / Sociedade Portuguesa de Andrologia

  • Category: Creative Use of Media

Campaign “A Casa do Século 21 num minuto

Advertiser: Century 21

  • Category: Social Responsibility

Campaign “Eu”

Advertiser: Menarini / Sociedade Portuguesa de Andrologia

Mediagate awarded Prèmios Eficácia