How does the media-buying market in Russia work?

How Does The Media-Buying Market in Russia work

How does the media-buying market in Russia work? A media buyers’ quick  guide for effective work in Russia

RMAA Group, an independent full service Russian Advertising agency, is an acredited and reputable member of our network with whom we have built a strong relationship. The  founder and  President of RMAA Group, Vadim Tylik,  explains once more and in plain words the ‘ins and outs’ of effective marketing strategies in Russia. The objective this time is to reveal how to effectively work with the Russian media market. With that purpose, a new White Papers analysis has been released.

In Vadim’s words: “Our E-book is written by professional Russian media buyer for professional international media buyers. All professional media buyers are very familiar with their local market and its characteristics. But when they are faced with the challenge of entering a new market, they need to have a grasp of the peculiarities of this new arena. Without this knowledge foreign media buyer can face a lot of problems, such as choosing an unscrupulous supplier, being offered a biased price from a Russian media agency, having legal problems, etc”.  According to Vadim, there are plenty of reasons for a lapse which will certainly affect the efficiency of the advertising budget. He has written this White Paper specifically for foreign media buyers who are collaborating with Russian companies. Vadim Tylik assures that  “the book’s purpose is to show real insight of Russian media market: TV, Radio, Internet, Outdoor.”


How Does The Media-Buying Market in Russia workAny advertiser outside Russia (or even within the country) planning an advertising campaign is always faced with having to choose a supplier. He needs to decide either to use the services of sales houses or to use the services of a media buying agency. The book will be useful not only for “newcomers” to the Russian market, but also for its veterans. It has been written in order to facilitate the work of foreign media buyers in Russia and give them fundamental knowledge of the media market. This White Paper will not only give you this ‘know-how’, but will also tell about all the pitfalls and ways of avoiding them, teach you how to uphold your interests with the Russian media, and get favourable terms in advertisement positioning.

About RMAA Group
Russian Marketing and Advertising Agency (RMAA Group) is an independent full service Advertising agency. RMAA helps international brands enter the Russian market and help them find Russian customers. RMAA Group serves companies from the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea, China which are interested in Russian market. The RMAA strives to be the main advertising and marketing core of Russia and we are proud of what has been accomplished. Click here to find out Worldwide Clients` Network of Russian Marketing and Advertising Agency.

How does the media-buying market in Russia work ?