Marketing is dead, long live the Marketing!

Lach Communication Group introduces itself…

“We are very glad that due to the Comvort network we got in touch with other owner-managed marketing and communication agencies which act local and do not only think global but also win-win. So that you know with whom you are dealing we would shortly like to introduce you how we think, who we are searching for, whom we are able to help and which accomplishments we offer”.

The foundation of the Lach Communication Group was laced in 1972 with the Agentur Lach. Since then a lot of time has passed, especially measured by the standards of our fast moving branch. The advertising message’s noise floor which once has been soft like the surge of the remote ocean has now become an intrusive hum, like a swarm of angry wasps. When advertising messages are recognised as undesirable thieve of time, mailings and advertising journals are recycled unread, ad-blocker are installed or display adverts are just overlooked, one can definitely say that marketing is dead.


Lach communications Comvort

How we work

This is why we as Lach Communication Group are anxious for taking other ways. We want our measures to solve the problems of your recipient, inform and entertain them. This is how we create proximity, this is how we create benefit, and this is how we create something new. Using an appealing look and clear messages, we want to thrust into the vacuum which the demise of former quality media entails. Thus brands are becoming producers of desirable content and formats. Maybe we are able to personalize the customer journey with the help of big data and programmatic advertising, which precisely in the future, so that every single one is becoming an own target group with apposite appeal. The recipients are nearly willing to pay money for it. But they do not need to. It is enough that they give their attention to the products and services that are quietly, nearly imperceptible transported with the new messages. And then you can say: Long live the marketing.


Who we are searching for

Being located in the German cities Hamburg, Mönchengladbach and Düsseldorf we supervise clients in entire Europe and send out messages to the entire world. This works well but sometimes we wish for local partners who estimate the target market of our clients from the local perspective and who support us in their country. Just “think global, act local“. And who knows, maybe we will gain the huge allocation of an international company with a comvort-joint-venture.

Whom we are able to help

For one we have a profound comprehension for fashion and lifestyle, especially in the section of photo production which we gladly share with colleagues within and out of the country. On the other side we provide us as 360° agency as local marketing partner for Germany. Subsequently you will get a short overview over our accomplishments.

What we offer

Right from the beginning we specialized on the section of fashion and lifestyle. That is our passion; this is what we are familiar with. This did not even change when we acquired a huge expertise in the branches technique, food and life-science by assuming the agency Lach/Simon/Stroex.

After more than four decades, we acquired enormous branch knowledge in the section of fashion. Thus we offer brand consulting that leads to a clear positioning of the brand and helps to provide sustainable visions. Of course the visual communication plays a central role, especially when it comes to fashion. This is what not only the graphic design approaches need to correspond but also the “raw material” in form of pictures and moving images. Therefore we originated a content producer with LMS Multi Channel Professionals which, besides first-class high-fashion-shootings can also create cost-effective content in form of web photos, moving image and text.

The picture editing is then taking place at d.Vision. This member of the Lach Communication Group is specialised on post production, containing high end retouching, as well as final artwork, production and proofing. Besides the Agentur Lach further agencies as well as big companies out of various branches and even television broadcasters are numbered among the clients.

Furthermore, we as full service or 360° agency offer various services when it comes to marketing: concept and strategy, text and editorial content, web design and web development, multi-channel communication, POS marketing and public relations.

Good marketing

… always starts with a good conversation. Therefore we are looking forward to your approach or even approaching you with a project or an idea.

Thomas Lach - Comvort member Lach Communication Group
Thomas Lach, CEO of Lach Communication Group
Philipp Ketteler, Head of Operations of the Group
Philipp Ketteler, Head of Operations of the Group

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