Manitou, World Wide with Comvort Agencies

Eluère & Associés

Manitou, World Wide with Comvort Agencies

Eluère & Associés wins a major international project involving 14 different agencies from all over the world and making the network a competitive advantage

Once again it’s been proved: working together turns opportunity into success. The Comvort team-work spirit has been the clue for another business accomplishment. ELUERE & ASSOCIÉS, our French member based in Paris /Nantes led an exciting pitch for Manitou. This agency, with its international business approach, really knows how to turn the network into an added value for winning challenging pitches. Manitou is the worldwide leader in handling material with 1200 M€ of turnover and is listed on the stock market in Paris.

The objective of the pitch was the development of a worldwide communication campaign within two B2B markets: agriculture and construction. To address this challenge with a competitive advantage, Eluère decided to activate the collaboration of the Comvort network involving a total of 14 agencies, five of them from Comvort.The project started back in December 2013 when Jean Eluère’s agency for MANITOU, -represented by Maxime Deroch, Marketing Director and François Piffard, Vice President Marketing & Sales-, established a short list of Comvort agencies corresponding to Manitou’s key markets: France (headquarters), UK, Germany, Sweden & Northern Europe, Russia and Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Singapore, China, Middle East, South Africa and Australia. In conjunction with Comvort Central Team, each one of them was requested to submit some credentials to present the network agencies, including the delivery of one-minute “welcome speech”video / video2. “The personal involvement of the 14 managers and their direct messaging to Manitou contributed to create a very positive mood to the relationship” explains Henri Gorenbouh, Strategy Director.

Talents Eluère
Talents Eluère

On a second stage, Eluère & Associés sent the full briefing to the selected agencies and submitting 9 concept boards by the end of March. They managed to present no less than 11 creative routes from all over the world in only 4 days. “It was amazing to demonstrate how the network can work together. The client was impressed and really appreciated it”, states Henri Gorenbouh, responsible as well of conducting the different meetings with the prospect client. In that sense, Henri thanked Comvort and the agencies implicated for “their brilliant contributions”. The final meeting was very positive; “the prospects were impressed by discovering how the network can work altogether and by the relevance of the propositions, far more interesting than those of the competitors” assures Noémie Tranchant, Account manager at Eluère & Associés.

Finally, on April 22nd and after some tough negotiations, the French agency received the confirmation that they had won the account. The creative route finally chosen by Manitou came from Eluère & Associés. The client though was highly impressed with the quality of the global response delivered. The ‘network effect’ still goes on as the Manitou central marketing department, Maxime Deroch, Marketing Director, Estelle Lefevre, Operational Marketing/ Communication Manager and Stéphanie Lemonnier, Brand Communication Officer  will recommend a first contact of their local branches with the network’s agencies, on a local basis.

Eluère, international approach
Eluère, international approach


The agencies taking part in this international pitch were:

* The leading Agency in France: Eluère & Associés;

OWB from UK

Creativteam from Germany

W Communication from Sweden / Northern Europe

SRDCE Evropy from Eastern Europe (Czech Republic).

Russia – GREAT adv. Group from Saint Petersburg & Moscow

USA – SCOTT PHILLIPS Associates from Chicago

Canada – RELEVENTION MARKETING Abbotsford from Vancouver

Brazil – BEEVOLT COMMICAÇÀO from Sao Paolo

Middle East – SPIRIT from Beirut & Dubai

China – YIXING DESIGN from Shangai

India – XEBEC INDIA from Mumbai

Singapore – ACCELERATE Advertising from Singapore

Australia – TRAFFIC from Melbourne & Sydney


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