Landing in Pinterest…Does a picture speak a thousand words?


Comvort has landed in Pinterestland! Yes, I know, and yet another Social Media Tool to get familiar with? Why? Why dabble into that now? Well, among other reasons, Pinterest hit 13 million users in just 10 short months, making it one of the fastest growing websites in history. And it’s already being used by more than 100 brands. In the U.S., users are overwhelmingly female but in the U.K., they’re male. Either way, people who use Pinterest are a passionate, addicted gang of users who just love talking about the site and convinced that a “picture is always worth a thousand words…” On top of that, Pinterest drives and generates more web traffic to other sites than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. (That’s right — combined). I leave here this link for those who want to read further about this and learn more about the intricacies of this new toy: What’s Pinterest?
Wha’ts Pinterest?

As for Comvort is concerned, our Pinterest is basically to make sure that our business/ Agencies Activity is getting the maximum benefit out of it. How? The way we will generate visual traffic from Pinterest is by getting our images pinned by other Pinterest users –that of course, will be following Comvort boards-. And in order to get that traffic, we need to have images that people will want to pin.In Comvort we are convinced by all means that our members are more than used to have to explode their creativity in their work and for their clients’ campaigns etc, hence, to select photos that are attractive and “pinneable” will not be an issue.The goal with Comvort boards is to show that it’s not only about “business” but also our interests, work, team, people involved, trends we follow…etc.. With this new Social Tool Comvort intends to:

  1. Share and increase the traffic to our blog: From now on, our blog will more than ever use images to illustrate our professional posts and we will share them appropriately all around. For those members who decide to participle in the blog by publishing an article, we’ll need to think what images should be included for inducing our target/reader to pin while surfing the web or readying the blog.
    We hope to built brand engagement and loyalty since Comvort will interact with those who are pinning images from our member websites, Comvort site or/and blog.
  2. We’ll connect to the right social networks: One of the things that makes Pinterest unique is its connectivity with other social networks. When signing in to Pinterest from either Facebook or Twitter accounts, Pinterest puts an icon on our profile that links our followers to each of those networks. That could be done from the official Comvort Twitter account for instance.
  3. We’ll make sure to link our profile to Comvort website, to canalise the rightweb traffic direction.
    Lastly and most importantly, Comvort will synchronise its Pinterest interaction with its internal campaign the Agency of the Month, by creating a board per Agency on monthly bases with its web link and photos, case studies images etc. It’s a great opportunity to redirect and boost the visibility of your company website!