Karl Jacobi: “Clients nowadays only seek short shelf-life brilliant ideas; behind these fireworks there is nothing left but smoke”

Karl Jacobi, President of Comvort


The president and founder of the Comvort Group evaluates during its AGM in Barcelona the transformation of the industry along these 25 years of life in the MarCom scene

Comvort, one of the world’s largest international network of independent MarCom agencies, arrived last weekend to Barcelona with its members to attend their AGM and 25th Anniversary celebrations. Since it was first founded in Frankfurt in 1989, Comvort has managed to endure the curvy roads and reinvent its concepts in order to adapt their agencies’ needs in this competitive industry. According to Karl Jacobi, President & Founder of Comvort, the network has had to evolve along with the current times and trends to be able to adapt and offer a service that is aligned to its member’s expectations, especially when the economic environment is tough or challenging.

As an experienced advertising professional in Germany and Spain, Jacobi is confident about the benefits that a network of advertising agencies as Comvort brings along. He believes in the power of ‘service’ and he defends and believes in what a network of this nature can improve in an agency’s business “through collaboration, strategic alliances and training”. Jacobi’s main goal during these 25 years of life of Comvort is to achieve the highest return from their members’ campaign accounts, to constantly get more customers and be effective. However, he makes no attempt to conceal his concerns when he states that due to the changes that the Marketing/Advertising industry has had to face, agencies have moved from ‘quality’ aspects to ‘quantity’ aspects. To his mind, the idea that is becoming increasingly prevalent is the fact that 85% of clients/accounts nowadays are not looking to build a brand under long-term relations/contracts but to “burn out the brand”, in a very short shelf-life cycle. “This means that  most of agencies are prompted to look for brilliant ideas that lead to fast success; sadly, whereas before they used to make long-term strategy campaigns’ and or contracts today, the trend is only about how to get speedy fireworks, but behind them there is nothing left but smoke”, explains Jacobi.

Karl Jacobi President and Founder of Comvort during the network's AGM in Barcelona this yeareech
Karl Jacobi President and Founder of Comvort during the network’s AGM in Barcelona this year

This tendency has spread out among agencies’ framework which forces them to invest in big structure Organisations and make efforts to pay lots of personnel, know-how etc.,.. when in reality the client doesn´t make the most out of it, except –perhaps-, for once a year. “This circle in which we all have been trapped will kill the advertising industry. Professionals all over the world are more inclined in focusing in the purely-speedy tactical work in detrimental of the strategic side of it”, continues Jacobi. To his opinion, only the 10% of agencies in this sector work in the professional way that is ought to be, nourishing long-term strategic campaigns and way of that typical American “hard selling mentality.  The more independent the agency is the more efficient it becomes.  “The owner and or founder of a company has the necessity to be in that 10%”, concludes Jacobi.

After 25 years of expertise in Comvort, Jacobi claims that a strong agency network can help with new business introductions and attract new business internationally or creating channels for outsourcing work , -amongst the main benefits. The future of Comvort is to keep increasing the number of agencies in the network in order to serve both, local and international clients with a global perspective. Comvort seeks agencies focusing on the BRIC countries, with the commitment of a global/international framework spirit, to purposely meet the requisites of their network fellow members. For the agencies joining to Comvort, this alliance means that both parts have the opportunity to build new professional relationships and to offer enhanced global visibility for marketers who can benefit from our experience and our regional contacts.


About Comvort: The Comvort Group is one of the world’s largest networks of specialized, independent and owner-managed companies operating in all branches of integrated marketing-communications. Thanks to 25 years’ experience and presence in all over the globe with agencies representing 48 countries, Comvort members can offer their clients a wide spectrum of work practices and creativity in a multicultural context that can be used in both local and international projects. Comvort is represented by members in Europe, Asia, Africa and America and the agencies have already collaborated with success in campaigns for brands like Fisherman´s Friend, Tunisia ONTT, Lufthansa, Abbott, Siemens, Pentax, Ardo, New Holland and Manitou among others. Comvort Group  

Please contact our Corporate Communications Central Office in Barcelona to arrange an interview with the President and Founder of Comvort, Karl Jacobi: +34 93 555 48 82 or by email at servicecomvort.com. #Comvort25yearsonboard

Interview with Karl Jacobi, founder of Comvort