Generational change at Edenvik – Sweden

Congratulations to Daniel Edenvik appointed CEO at Edenvik Sweden

A new generation takes over: Jonas Edenvik (left) and Daniel Edenvik (right).

Edenvik Strategic Communication was started in 1989, and has been headed by founder Jonas Edenvik right from the start.

After nearly 30 years, it’s time to hand the baton to Daniel Edenvik, who joined Edenvik in 2011 and is the company’s digital strategist.

“I will continue working at Edenvik, but now look forward to following the company’s development under Daniel,” says Jonas Edenvik. “We have collaborated closely for several years, and I know his ideas will take us in an exciting direction.”

Focus on strategic communication

“We will continue focusing on helping businesses develop their internal and external communications, where strong concepts are crucial to success,” comments Daniel.

“With innovation and smart digital solutions, we offer analysis, concept development and implementation – and our clients notice that we make a difference. That’s something we will continue with.”

Contact Daniel Edenvik, +46705301558  or Jonas Edenvik, +46 70 5752 23 48, for more information.

Edenvik aims to contribute to creating more strong, value-driven companies by helping business managers build values based on strategic communication.