Fundamento, it’s all about the base…

Fundamento, new Brazilian member


When the foundations of a house are solid, the rest falls down into place easily…This would be the case of our new member, Fundamento Comunicação, founded in 1990 in Sao Paulo by Marta Dourado, a professional graduated in Public Relations.

With this new arrival, Comvort Group has made true its dream to finally land in one of the most desired Bric countries, such as Brazil. Moreover, Marta and her team have arrived making a strong impression and contributing with new opportunities for Comvort partners on a global level, bringing along with their membership an international pitch for a cement company based in Brazil. The project involved few Comvort agencies based in Portugal, South Africa & Mozambique and Egypt.

Our new Brazilian member, boasts 25 years of experience in different fields of MarCom services and since they started, the agency provides a 360º comprehensive performance, focusing on building its clients’ corporate image and using integrated communication tools. The agency is still going strong and in addition to its PR department, Fundamento has also created other specialized units: Fundamento Análises, Fundamento Social, Fundamento Produções, Fundamento Digital and Fundamento Design.

About the founder:

Marta Dourado - Founder & Managing PartnerMarta Dourado began her career as a public relations professional at the Office of the Governor of the State of São Paulo. Later, she became a communication manager of the Sperry Vickers group  and after coordinating the communication strategy of the merger process of Vickers and Aeroquip, she worked as journalist for BBC radio and for the COI (Central Office of Information in London) for three years.
Marta has over 25 years experience in national and international communications projects, having carried out communications assessement  for companies such as Mars, Nokia, Eli Lilly, Turner and Reckitt Benckiser.

Back to Brazil, she created in 1990 Fundamento Corporate Communications, a multiservice agency. Today, Marta is responsible for the strategic supervision of communication projects for a wide range of audiences; research and analysis; crisis management projects, both in Brazil and in Latin American countries. The agency  takes on projects across different sectors: health, consumer, IT, business-to-business, and culture & entertainment.

Marta is one of the founders of ABRACOM (Brazilian Association of Communication Agencies) and a founding partner of ASEC (Association for Children’s Emotional Health). Besides a graduation in Communications, she also holds a BA in Psychology and works as a volunteer for children and teenagers’ mental health.

To know more about Fundamento and its work click here. Also LinkedIn or Youtube.