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Oliver Oha -Comvort new member


Oha communication has joined Comvort to support innovators in addressing new markets. With this strategic alliance, oha communication extends the range of services for globally operating clients. The Stuttgart consultancy for international PR -run by Oliver Frederik Hahr-,  has joined the Comvort Goup to assist with integrated communication on site in more than 40 countries…


Oliver-Frederik-Hahr, Managing Director oha communication Consulting in International PR
Oliver-Frederik-Hahr, Director of oha communication based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Comvort: Your website says “Music lead you to Marketing” – What’s the story behind it?

Oliver Frederik Hahr: Back in school, I began organizing and promoting concerts, some with my own band but increasingly for other artists. It’s a fun and rewarding business – if you get the crowd to come. Getting more and more involved in staging the show, I finally shifted my studies from musicology to business administration in media and communication and majored in journalism and PR. I’m still fascinated by people who create new things and expand the limits, today mainly in the fields of technology, design and healthcare. And we help them to grow their audience – nationally and internationally.


C: As a consultancy specialized in international Public Relations, what are the demands of your clients nowadays?

O: Most of our clients are innovators or players in niche markets. To grow business, they internationalize. However: The more markets are to be addressed, the more complex marketing becomes – while resources often remain limited. We support our clients in designing their communication more effectively – as a trailblazer in the internationalization process. This includes advisory on relevant country-specific aspects, culture and media, profile development and multinational content strategies as well as the coordination of integrated communication activities together with our partners.


C: What advice would you give a business looking to market a product in Germany or abroad using your services?

O: Courage plus concept creates value. Gather and condensate the information on the target markets; and then try to develop a transnational strategy that allows for standardizing as much as possible to lever synergies and raise the efficiency in global brand communication while differentiating as much as necessary to remain effective on site. Go step by step, but go!


C: What brought you to join Comvort?

O: Several reasons. First: The integrated approach. Depending on the given situation, support by a media buying or online agency might be helpful to our client while other Comvort members might require strategic PR support or texts. Second: The international network that gives us a fast and direct access to creative minds all around the world. Third: The personal, warm and service-oriented approach I experienced when I first contacted Comvort. This all sums up to an optimal package.


C: Which advantages do you see in being part of an international agency network?

O: Communication is a complex business that is driven by people. The best results can be achieved when creative heads enjoy working together and treat each other as partners, a philosophy which is supported by Comvort. Being able to build relationships around the world, exchange knowledge and ideas and cooperate on different projects is very inspiring to me.


C: Could you share an example of an international project you have worked on and what challenges did you encounter?

O: We have recently been working on PR topics for a German technology group to support brand recognition in Turkey, China and the USA. Identifying suitable specialized media channels is a challenge we know how to handle. But having support on site is often indispensible to get the intended media coverage. The opportunity to call a Comvort partner will facilitate and raise the effectiveness of our international work.


C: What would you say are the strengths of oha communication and the services offered?

O: We have been supporting highly specialized businesses with their international communication since years and consider ourselves as experts in this process. As consultants we help to design and organize the strategic aspects of international communication. And as PR and content specialists we take into account that the lines between marketing, PR and online communication continue to blur. Our job is to lay a sound foundation for partners supporting with their capabilities.


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