Dr. Haffa & Partner: Sebastian Pauls appointed as new managing director and shareholder

Continuity at Dr. Haffa & Partner ensured with the appointment of Sebastian Pauls as new managing partner

Munich, January 31, 2019 —

Sebastian Pauls is now a managing partner at Dr. Haffa & Partner. As of January 1, 2019, after acquiring shares of the GmbH, Pauls is now carrying on the tradition of Dr. Haffa & Partner as an owner-managed agency. He has assumed responsibility for the operations and strategic direction of the Munich-based agency, which specializes in IT and technology communications. The agency’s two founders will stay on as managing partners. Dr. Annegret Haffa will now manage the agency’s operations jointly with Pauls. Dr. Horst Höfflin will support them in an advisory role.
Pauls, 50, studied literature and political science and pursued a career as a journalist before transitioning to B2B communications. He has been with Dr. Haffa & Partner for 20 years. In 2011, he joined the management team and received a power of attorney granting authorization to represent the company in commercial matters.

Continuity ensured
“Passing on the torch is no easy task for owners and founders. Business succession requires careful planning and preparation,” said Dr. Annegret Haffa. “Sebastian Pauls has been a driving force behind much of the progress the agency has made in recent years. He knows our customers and their markets and has a clear vision of how B2B communication works, and how it will work in the future.”

A stronger focus on integrated communications and digital
Pauls has been tasked with carrying on the philosophy of continuous innovation that has enabled Dr. Haffa & Partner to succeed in the ITC market for over 30 years. Integrated communications will be the centerpiece of this strategy alongside conventional media relations, digital communications, content marketing, and other disciplines. In recent years, Dr. Haffa & Partner has successfully increased the portion of its revenues earned with digital communications. The agency’s customers appreciate the pragmatic and creative approach its consultants take when implementing content marketing and social media as part of the B2B communications mix.

Sebastian Pauls -Appointed Managing Director at Dr.Haffa & Partner

Happy employees make for happy customers
“I want our employees to look forward to coming to work at Dr. Haffa & Partner because we have fun here and give them the opportunity to advance their careers while accomplishing challenging tasks. All of these benefit our customers, who appreciate the skills of our employees and can tell they truly enjoy their work. We do a number of things to make that happen. Each employee is encouraged to find the right balance between their personal and career goals, for instance. We just had two of our staff celebrate their 10-year anniversaries with the agency last year, so I know we’re doing something right. The extremely low consultant turnover our customers enjoy is practically unheard of in the industry.”

More tech, not just IT
In addition, Pauls seeks to bring in more tech firms as customers for the agency, and not just IT companies. “People come to us when they need complex technical subjects explained to complex markets,” said Pauls. “This is the expertise we employ for renowned technology firms such as TÜV SÜD when the topic is not strictly IT, but other complex subjects that demand a deep understanding of the underlying technologies so we can speak the language of the respective target groups.”

About Dr. Haffa & Partner
The Munich-based communications agency Dr. Haffa & Partner specializes in public relations and marketing for technology and IT companies. Founded in 1986, the B2B agency serves domestic and international clients

Dr. Haffa & Partner is part of the ComVort agency network (https://www.comvort.com), member of the German Public Relations Association (DPRG: http://www.dprg.de), Familienunternehmer (https://www.familienunternehmer.eu/) and Familienpakt Bayern (https://www.familienpakt-bayern.de/)
Dr. Haffa & Partner’s clients include Avanade, CHG Meridian, collaboration Factory, Freudenberg IT, Delta Electronics, Mastervolt, microfin, Rohde & Schwarz, SAS, Scandio, SOFiSTiK, tableeleven and TÜV SÜD.

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