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CREAMODAEXPO is the new international Fair dedicated to components and accessories for Leather goods, Clothing and Shoes

Once again, Italy will be the leading country to launch new trends and innovations in fashion business…If you are into fashion, life-style, desing brands and clothing,etc, this autum there is an international event not to be missed out: Creamodaexpo. One of our members based in Italy, MAP Communication, is the agency in charge of promoting this event and will be following all the marketing initiatives, media & PR activities for it.

This is a whole new event in the region: CREAMODAEXPO is an international fair that will take place in Italy, (Bologna) from the 29th to 31st of October 2014.This important event will be dedicated to present the new fashion and design proposals of components and accessories for leather goods, clothing and shoes. According to MAP, this is a really important date since it will involve international exhibitors and visitors, a good chance for networking and being up to date in the industy.

CREAMODAEXPO comes from the impulse and the willing of a group of professional entrepreneurs, who expressed the aim to celebrate the marriage between fashion and design. They also wished to pay attention to those companies, which desire to promote their new trends and their innovations internationally, to front the market globalization. The fair will be both promoter and coordinator of an important advertising and promotional campaign worldwide, that will stimulate the general interest on the synergy between fashion and design and will become a fundamental instrument to support the entire fashion system.



The location of the fair will be in Bologna, Italy, the leading country to launch new trends and innovations in fashion business, which will attract exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. The event will take place twice a year and the first edition is expected in October.Bologna city is a historical location of this sector and reflects the needs of the exhibitors about the request of an adequate site: an italian logistically central place, which is able to offer a series of high-quality events, and an industrial and commercial high-vitality. The chosen periods are the most interesting for designers, stylists and buyers who have always been interpreting the fair as an important date, to optimize time for the definition of the collections. The project comes from the initiative of many professional entrepreneurs, who have always been interpreting the fair as a real service for the sector itself. The goal is to create an international event: a reference point for the latest trends and the technological innovations.

AntonellaMazzarella-MarioCarlocchia from Map, Italy.
AntonellaMazzarella-MarioCarlocchia from Map, Italy.

CREAMODAEXPO has been shaped to satisfy the needs of entrepreneurs, exhibitors and operators of the sector; many successful and internationally recognised companies have already supported this decision, confirming their presence during the event in October. An additional element, on which CREAMODAEXPO reflects, is the economic one: the organizers wish to create an event which could offer competitive prices for exhibitors, to face the actual global markets difficulties.

A dedicated multimedia system, that will be available on the website www.creamodaexpo.com, will permit each visitor to be accredited and to print his own free entry ticket; the voucher will be furnished with barcodes, that will permit the direct entry through the various “Sensor Gates”. In addition to the pure exhibition, a series of contemporary events are attended during the three days of the fair. The principal goal is to exalt the creativity and the expression of a vivacity, which is symbol of the participant companies and help them facing the market globalization.

The reserved area of the events will be recognizable by the name “VIVIMODAEXPO” and will be dedicated to those subjects, who supported and developed the production of more innovative and technological goods with their creativity.

CREAMODAEXPO is also determined to promote the high-level “Made In” creativity and to leave enough time to designers, schools and organizations, that operate in the fashion system.

Learn more: www.creamodaexpo.com

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