Comvort keeps looking towards the BRIC countries

Bric Countries, Comvort's goal


The network celebrates its 25th Anniversary under the premise to continue to adapt to their members’ evolving needs

Comvort, one of the world’s largest international networks of independent MarCom agencies is back to square one reminiscing when they were first founded in Frankfurt in 1989. It’s been 25 years of evolving in this competitive industry and adapting to its members needs when times and economical environments have been more challenging than ever. This one has been up until now the best and most special Annual Meeting thus far, being the city of Barcelona the corner of the Mediterranean chosen to give the international agencies attendees and important Spanish companies’ headquarters the opportunity to share innovation and benchmark.

Thanks to 25 years’ experience and presence in all over the globe with agencies representing 48 countries, Comvort members can offer their clients a wide spectrum of work practices and creativity in a multicultural context that can be used in both local and international projects. The future of Comvort is to keep increasing the number of agencies that join the network in order to serve both, local and international clients with a global perspective. This means to continue to consolidate its presence in Europe while growing in the called BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). “Comvort seeks agencies with the commitment and the global/international framework spirit to purposely build new professional relationships and to offer enhanced global visibility for marketers who can benefit from their member’s experience and regional contacts”, explains Karl Jacobi, President and Founder of Comvort.

Karl Jacobi, President of Comvort
Karl Jacobi, President of Comvort

Despite the difficult times in nowadays’ economy, Comvort has managed to stay afloat. This year the network has welcomed three more members’ additions, consolidating the network’s presence in Europe via two new agencies in the UK and Denmark, and also, becoming stronger in Russia, thanks to the arrival of an agency based in Moscow. This is a good step to open the gate of the BRIC countries, focusing on Russia and India as a priority.

As an experienced advertising professional in Germany and Spain, Karl Jacobi is confident about the benefits that a network of independent advertising and communication agencies as Comvort brings along. He believes in the power of ‘service’ and he defends and believes in what a network of this nature can improve in an agency’s business “through collaboration, strategic alliances and training”. Jacobi’s main goal during these 25 years of life of Comvort is to achieve the highest return from their members’ campaign accounts, to constantly get more customers and be effective. Nevertheless, and due to the changes in this industry, the idea that is becoming increasingly prevalent in his opinion is the fact that nowadays agencies are prompted and force to look for something more beyond a long-term partnership. “At this very moment, clients/accounts are more inclined to look for short shelf-life brilliant ideas rather than long-term partnerships and contracts to build a brand properly”. After 25 years of expertise in Comvort, Jacobi claims that a strong agency network can help for instance with:

  • New business introductions and attract new business internationally
  • Enhance best practices and improve agency operations
  • Create channels for outsourcing work
  • Assist in implementing research
  • Arrange annual conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Provide access to the expertise and specialized capabilities of network partners

“One of the greatest benefits that we are proud of is that in our network, professionals understand their respective regional cultures, enabling them to save time and ensure that correct and full information and guidance is delivered on a global level”, concludes Jacobi.

Comvort keeps looking towards the Bric Countries