Comvort 2015 AGM: hard business talk & waltz @ the highest green building of Vienna…

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Organised by Aigner PR team based in Vienna, the event held business seminars and conferences with special focus on the keys to success for MarCom agencies in the current times

Comvort Annual Meeting 2015 came and went.  The world’s largest network of independent, specialized, owner-managed agencies in the field of Marketing & Communications, hosted its 26th Annual Meeting (AGM) this year in Austria, under the motto “Comvort Dances Waltz“. The event took place last month of September in one of the most cultural and artistic cities of Europe such as Vienna. Aigner PR, the Austrian agency representative in the field of Public Relations in Comvort since 2009, was in charge of the organization of this corporate event.

Karl Jacobi, President and Founder of Comvort: “We were delighted to meet this year in Vienna, the city in the heart of Europe; this city has a cosmopolitan liberal outlook on life, bringing nations together and this is what Comvort is all about. Comvort’s philosophy is to have a local spirit but offering global solutions.

The agency Aigner PR running the event put together a program for the meeting providing top-notch sessions from the best and brightest leaders with a special focus on New Business. “Comvort’s mission was to encourage members to spend some professional quality time in Vienna with their network colleagues. This year’s meeting was ultimately aimed to help, to support and to orientate members on how to cope best with nowadays’ changes and challenges of our industry”, says Peter Aigner, owner of AiGNER PR.

Amongst the speeches and members’ seminars offered, the local speakers enlightened the delegates with their interventions. Doris Regele, CEO of Make A Wish in Austria revealed some clues of the Make a wish Foundation success through communication; Ali Mahlodji, Founder and Chief Story Teller of Whatchado, gave his insight based on experiences from more than 4000 stories; Walter Zinggl, CEO Sales House RTL Group and Sky Sport in Austria explained the ins and outs of TV Media, the challenges for the advertisers and the intricacies of this industry, having started a new golden age of TV.  (Download his presentation Zinggl – Forever Young.)

Finally, Dale Carnegie CEO of Dale Carnegie -Austria is a franchisee of the global Dale Carnegie Business Training Group in the fields of leadership, communication, presentation and sale. Carnegie gave the participants few tips on how to build brand ambassadors and to fully engage their employees.

Comvort Annual Meetings have been taking place all over the world where the network has representation: Chicago (2009), London (2010), Seville 2011), Hamburg (2012), Lisbon (2013). Last year, Barcelona –where the headquarters office is – hosted the meeting to celebrate the Group’s 25th anniversary. Comvort Group is represented worldwide in more than 40 countries, with more than 70 owner-managed partner agencies in the fields of advertising, media and PR.

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A network with history

Comvort has spent the last 26 years growing while evolving in this competitive industry. The network has tried to adapt to its members needs when times and economic environment have been more challenging than ever. Despite the difficult times in todays’ economy, Comvort has managed to stay afloat. This year, the network has consolidated the Group’s presence in Europe and has made it to land in other significant countries, such as Russia and Brazil, those being the keys to the gate of the widely known ‘BRIC regions’. “Comvort seeks agencies with the commitment and the global framework spirit to purposely build new professional relationships and to offer enhanced global visibility for marketers, who can benefit from their member’s experience and regional contacts”, concludes Jacobi.


About Aigner PR: Aigner PR an owner-managed consultancy for communication with national and international partners provides comprehensive targeted communications solutions. The Agency has a network of partners (Vienna – Zurich Berlin – – Dusseldorf) specializes in the DACH region and serves its customers with a holistic approach. Aigner PR is a member of Comvort Group one of the world’s largest networks of independent, owner-managed agencies of marketing and communications, with a total of 80 partner agencies in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America. AiGNER PR

 About Comvort: Comvort Group is the world’s largest network of specialized, independent and owner-managed companies operating in all branches of integrated marketing-communications. Founded in 1989, Comvort covers over 40 countries, providing their members a wide spectrum of work practices and creativity in a multicultural context that can be used in both local and international projects. Comvort is represented by members in Europe, Asia, Africa and America and the agencies have already collaborated with success in campaigns for brands like Fisherman´s Friend, Lufthansa, Abbott, Siemens, Pentax,, New Holland Tunisia ONT and Manitou among others. Comvort Group

Comvort AM: business & waltz @ the highest building of Austria…