Comvort, 25 years on board

Comvort Annual Meeting


Barcelona hosts the international network’s Annual General Meeting where members and  heads of large Spanish business corporations meet up to benchmark

Comvort, the world’s largest international networks of independent MarCom agencies is back to square one to reminisce the spirit of the group since they were first founded in Frankfurt in 1989. The President and Founder of the Group, Karl Jacobi, along with 9 agencies decided back then to create an international platform in order to explore new possibilities and enhance business opportunities beyond the confines of Germany.

This year’s AGM was by all means the most special one, as they celebrated the network’s 25th Anniversary. Therefore, Barcelona -the corner of the Mediterranean- was the city chosen to host the event with the participation of its international members.

Once again, the network’s members gathered around Barcelona to enjoy the presentations conducted by important speakers from the Spanish business community representing a variety of industries (i.e. SEAT, Vueling, Rödl & Partner). In this year’s AGM, Comvort boasted the participation of agencies coming from as far as Russia, along with those ones coming from Europe. This event is always a great networking platform in which attendees tend to mingle and get to hear all about business and the latest world-wide economic trends to benchmark.  Additionally, in this edition Comvort had the privilege to count with the Deputy Mayor of Barcelona, Sonia Recasens, who made the closing speech of the event. During her intervention she brought up the importance of the quality of life of Barcelona, to retain the talent and resources of companies moving or settling in Catalonia.


Karl Jacobi, President of Comvort during his welcome speech
Karl Jacobi, President of Comvort during his welcome speech

Still going strong
Despite the difficult times in today’s economy, Comvort has managed to stay afloat. This year the network has received three additions, representing the UK and Denmark in Europe, and Russia, with a new arrival in Moscow. All members fit perfectly with the objectives of the network which are to keep consolidating its presence in Europe, while growing on the ‘BRIC countries’, focusing in Russia and India as special priorities. All new members joined Comvort in order to serve both local and international clients with a global perspective. “These alliances mean that we have the opportunity to build new professional relationships and to offer enhanced global visibility for marketers who can benefit from their experience and their regional contacts and/or knowledge,” claims Karl Jacobi.

Comvort 25Years onBoard
Comvort 25Years onBoard


About Comvort: The Comvort Group is one of the world’s largest networks of specialized, independent and owner-managed companies operating in all branches of integrated marketing-communications. Thanks to 25 years’ experience and presence in all over the globe with agencies representing 48 countries, Comvort members can offer their clients a wide spectrum of work practices and creativity in a multicultural context that can be used in both local and international projects. Comvort is represented by members in Europe, Asia, Africa and America and the agencies have already collaborated with success in campaigns for brands like Fisherman´s Friend, Lufthansa, Abbott, Siemens, Pentax, Ardo, New Holland, Manitou and Tunisia ONT among others. Comvort Group

Comvort 25 years on board