Blue starts up ‘Local to Global’ to expand its business abroad

Blue starts up ‘Local to Global’ to expand its business abroad


How to make the most of a network like Comvort? How to widen the scope and get new business/accounts?

How to increase the numbers of our agency’s portfolio? These are common questions frequently asked among our network members. It is for this reason, that today once again we’d like to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit of our ‘Agency of the Month’ and its team from Italy, Blue Communication. Comvort is happy to annouce here the adventure our member just embarked in order to export & outsource their services abroad. Giorgio Maresca, the C.E.O, explains how this project -LTG to expand abroad-  started and it was with the aim to give answer to Italian firms for instance, when keep asking for new opportunities in foreign markets, and that’s exactly what the new specialistic Department LTG Local to Global, stands for and is meant to do.

LTG Team, Comvort member
LTG Team


LTG opens a new perspective of marketing and consultancy agency.
It is a brand new Department expecialized in consultancy and operative assistance to firms that export and sell their products and services abroad.

Imagine a multidisciplinary team, able to fully support firms in their international development, offering marketing, branding and communication services, legal and fiscal services, market analysis, financial and real estate consultancy, insurance services and commercial development support. The idea of such a new kind of agency arised from the consideration that traditional communication in Italy is decreasing, while more and more firms, even small and midlle sized, are strongly committed on developing new business opportunities abroad.

LTG logo
LTG ‘Local to Global’ Logo, Blue Communication

Giorgio Maresca: “It’s a completely different approach for a marketing communication agency, based on the fact that Export is becoming more and more important for all the Countries and, specifically, for Italy firms”. Local To Global counts with a core internal group and on external consultants that will help Blue to develop specific projects.

Every project starts with an audit on the client’s organization to define the most relevant strengths & weaknesses, identify the potentiality to approach and succesfully develop the international project. “On this basis, -explains Maresca-, we realize a market analysis to verify the best opportunities in different Countries, evaluating different aspects (social and political situation, competitive scenario, target dimensions, growth potential, distribution channels, media/copy analisys, laws and regualtions)”. On a final stage, they develop a strategy and an action plan all considering the different aspects (legal affairs, marketing and communication, insurance services, financial resources procurement and so on). After this  process, they are ready to move the client’s business abroad, starting up the different required operations/steps.


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