How can a foreign company enter the Russian Market?

B2B Russian Market

While in this current environment everybody seems to be drifting away from Russia, in Comvort -always faithful to its sixth sense for business-, has decided to get even closer…

B2B Russian market business strategy
B2B Russian market business strategy

RMA Group, an independent full service Russian Advertising agency, is an acredited and reputable member of our network with whom we have built a strong relationship. The founder explains in plain words the ‘ins and outs’ of effective B2B marketing strategies in Russia. The objective is to help international brands enter the Russian market and assists them in finding Russian customers. In order to reveal all these intricacies on how foreign companies can easily find Russian B2B customers, the company has recently announced the launch of a new ‘White Paper’ analysis:  HOW CAN A FOREIGN COMPANY ENTER THE RUSSIAN B2B MARKET? Effective B2B marketing strategies in Russia , written by Vadim Tylik, the Founder and the President of RMAA Group.

This study will be useful not only for the “newcomers” to the Russian market, but also for the “veterans” who want to increase their presence. These guides will be handy to people who already have experience in business and marketing, but have a lack of knowledge about the peculiarities of the regional market. The purpose is to show a procedure and following these guides will enable professionals to build an effective marketing strategy to attract customers to their product in the Russian market.

The author of the study Vadim Tylik says, RMAA Group currently collaborates with a number of B2B oriented customers. We see that many foreign companies are not familiar with the tools that will allow them to get Russian companies as clients­. “Russian companies, -he continues-, are trying to reduce are trying to reduce their costs and instead of producing goods and services by themselves, prefer to buy products from abroad. Sometimes the aim is not even to save money but an effort to find better and more technologically advanced goods”, states Tylik, who assures that Russian businesses are placing a huge demand on foreign producers. “It is the main reason why more and more foreign companies find great potential in cooperation with Russian enterprises. We had some requests from clients to write such White Paper for them to find out about successful tools and how to conquer the Russian B2B market­, states.

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