On the air the 2014 spring campaign for Thai Airways

Blue Communication manages to sing for the third year in a row the new campaign to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Asian airline

The Italian agency has done it again. The team in Rome is the responsible of this colourful campaign consisting in a brand awareness action that will be on the go for 8 weeks on Jumbo Trolleys in Milan and Rome. The art direction of the campaign was led by Melania Petrocchi and the creative direction is by Fausto Nieddu.

Thai 201402

Blue communication new Log for its 10th anniversary


The ad planning was focused on the promotion of special rates for different Asian destinations in the Far East, offered by the airline on the occasion of Thai’s 40th Anniversary of its presence in Italy. The choice of having an entirely decorated Jumbo Trams, gives emphasis to both, the special prices and the corporate image of Thai Airways. The purpose of this impacting communication visual work is to lead consumers to the website. “We are very proud to support an international premiere brand as Thai in all their ATL and BTL communication activities in Italy”, explained Giorgio Maresca C.E.O. & Managing Director of Blue Communication.


Thai ad designed by Blue Communication from Comvort-Italy

According to our branding specialist member in Rome, “we are fully committed in developing an international identity for Blue Communication, launching further new services for companies moving abroad, enlarging the Agency’s capabilities”, in the words of Maresca. “From this perspective –continues-, our affiliation to Comvort is a essential key of success to be perceived as a player, able to think globally and to act locally in many countries”. CLICK HERE TO CHECK ITS CASE STUDY

Please do not hestitate to visit their website to learn about their work:

Blue Communication is an independent consulting company focused on brand building. Giorgio Maresca founded it in 2004, operating in Italy as well as more than 40 foreign countries, thanks to the Comvort international network for which the agency has been Ambassador in Italy since 2007.