AiGNER PR wins the Comvort Noble Prize 2016 at the Annual Meeting in Copenhagen

Comvort noble-prize2016 AIGNER


Vienna based PR agency AiGNER PR was the winner of the Noble Prize 2016 of Comvort Group as the best network agency of the year. The prize was given during the traditional Annual General Meeting – Gala Dinner,  held recently in Copenhagen,  city from where the Danish member team, Lindskov Communication, was hosting and organising the event for the first time in these 27 years of existence . The award is a recognition that Comvort Group gives to its members yearly for a major contribution to the network made by an agency during year. In this case, Comvort, the world’s largest network of independent, specialized, owner-managed marketing communications agencies,  wanted to acknowledge and applaud the major PR yields obtained last year thanks to the Annual Meeting hosted  in Vienna, achieving a great Comvort brand exposure before and after the event.


The founder and President of Comvort, Karl Jacobi, announced the winner and he admitted to be very happy to hand this prize on behalf the network,  “for the most outstanding contribution to the network, carrying out an outstanding PR camping in last year 26th Comvort Vienna Annual Meeting celebration, increasing the awareness of the Comvort brand and reaching relevant media using that famous slogan ‘Comvort dances Waltz’.


The founder and owner of AiGNER PR, Peter Aigner,  said to be thrilled for this award:  “For our agency this award is one great distinction and a confirmation of our work in an international context.”


Comvort noble-prize2016 AIGNER
Karl Jacobi, President of Comvort and Peter Aigner, Owner of AiGNER PR.

AiGNER PR offers a comprehensive, group-specific communication solutions as an integrated management consultancy for communication with national and international partners. The agency has specialized in the DACH region with a network of partners (Vienna – Berlin – Düsseldorf – Zurich) and supports its customers with a holistic approach. AiGNER PR has been a member of the Comvort Group since 2009, when they decided to evolve and become a more global agency and share the collaborative spirit of the network.


This year’s Annual Meeting, which took place from 21-23 October Denmark, was a more compact and shorter version than previous editions. Nonetheless, time was not an issue and the this year the agency organizing the event (Lindskov Communication) put together a high quality program with top-notch speakers and varied contents to fulfil all the participants.


The event offered the interventions of Mikael Bonde-Nielsen, Nordic Marketing Director of  Coca Cola Co.; Georg Nielsen, Managing Director of Continental Tires Denmark; Ida Lofberg, Sales Manager of AirMagine; or Eva Lundgren, Head of Brand& Marketing of Spies Travels; Mads Rebsdorf, Visma Software; Brian Mikkelsen, Det Konservative Folkeparti: Farida Tamraz, Entrepenour and owner of Tamraza, luxury brand of clothes who travelled from Egypt to speak in the Comvort event. So did the last speaker of the day, Anne-Grethe Rasmussen, Editor in Chief of POV International, who accepted the invitation to speak to Comvort members all the way from Washington.


AiGNER PR wins the Comvort Noble Prize 2016