Client benefits


The principles of one market are valid in any other. Both regional and global markets abide by the same “laws”, and so professionals need to be fully aware of them.

Supply and demand, special target groups and differentiation are just a few terms related to this field. The strengths of each agency together make up the strengths of the entire group. The different areas of expertise of these agencies and the fact that they are owner-managed, gives them each a special and unique profile. The client benefits are clear to see:

  • We are more motivated
  • We are more flexible
  • We are more independent
  • We are goal orientated
  • We participate in your vision
  • We are performance focused
  • We have more foresight
  • We adapt to your particular needs
  • We consult you as a friend

Comvort members are market leaders because:

  • They know their clients better than anybody else.
  • They develop their own positioning according to the circumstances of both their clients and their market.
  • They are used to managing change continuously.
  • They design their work schedule.
  • They are constantly learning.
  • They make things happen.
  • They inspire others to create new ideas.
  • They have a high level of integrity: They are committed to their clients.
  • They are self-confident: due to their experience.
  • They are decision-makers.
  • They are in contact with the agencies in the network.

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