About Karl Jacobi



President and Founder of Comvort Network


Karl Jacobi is the founder and president of Comvort, the largest network of indepedent communications agencies in the world. In addition Karl is the chairman of the Jacobi Group.

Arriving in Spain in 1984, Karl founded Jacobi u0026amp; Partner Ltd after a career as managing director in many prestigious German businesses. He still maintains an active presence in events linked to advertising and marketing within Europe.

Karl studied a variety of academic disciplines ranging from Sociology to Visual Communication including Marketing and Psychology. He complements the theoretical approach with distinctive training and the enrichment of skills such as mechanics, carpentry and radio and television technology. This unique combination is evident in his ideas and methodologies; he combines creative ideas with wisdom and puts them into practice.

ABC newspaper, IPMark magazine and the German publications Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung and Werbern u0026amp; Verkaufen are counted among the communication media that often request the opinion of Karl. He is also one of the advertising gurus chosen by the journalist Clemente Ferrer Roselló mentioned in his books Los gurus de la publicidad (The Gurus of Advertising) and Todos los nombres de la publicidad (All the Names of Advertising).

In addition to his professional achievements, Karl was a successful racing driver. He competed in the Spanish Classic Cars Championships. Notable successes include:

Champion of Catalonia 1996
Champion of Spain 1998
Champion of Spain 1999
Champion of Spain 2003

With his racing days over, he was founder and lead singer of a rock band called Group Sixty Six.

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