Why are Comvort agencies so heterogeneous?

Small and medium sized companies make up 80% of GDP in the developed world; Comvort is dedicated to this sector. Potential clients in the sector expect agencies to adapt to their rules and not have to adapt to the needs of a large multi-national agency. They want to deal with a local agency that is internationally minded and understands the following:

  • Every client is unique
  • Every market is unique
  • Every product is unique
  • Every marketing and communications project is unique
  • Every city in every country is unique

This is what makes Comvort agencies so heterogeneous. Clients look for agencies that can provide tailor-made solutions. All Comvort members are independent owner owned advertising and marketing agencies; they might be large or small, have different kinds of experience or lead by different personalities but what matters is that they all have a “spark”. They all have the know-how and business experience to create original and successful campaigns for their client in their country and also on an international level. For this reason, Comvort Group offers its members the greatest variability possible.