Themis Kalogeris CEO Scenic Communication Services Ltd

“We are Scenic Communication Services Ltd, a small, full service advertising agency located in Nicosia, Cyprus.  We are proud to be a part of a much broader picture” Themis Kalogeris CEO Scenic Communication Services Ltd

Our first involvement with the Comvort network occurred in 2005 and it was actually the network that approached us to express an interest in having a presence in Cyprus.

At the beginning, we couldn’t tell the benefits of such a partnership.  We only knew that we needed to expand our knowledge, learn from associates and agencies that play the game at a bigger stage.  We also knew that there was a demanding need for credibility from key accounts in our country to towards us to prove that we have what it takes when they needed to play global.

Without any further thought, we joined in.  Our first year in the network was observatory.  We missed the annual conference in Dubai and saw members interact through emails.  But we couldn’t get the picture yet.  Then we decided to pitch for one of the country’s biggest accounts, the Cyprus Tourism Organization C.T.O.).  That’s when we found out the real capabilities of the network.  There is no way we could pull this on our own.  The requirements were extremely eminent. Agencies from 7 different countries had to team up and join forces.  We came to know our partners from the U.K., Russia, Sweden, Germany, France etc.  It was incredible.  And the way they all responded was amazing.

We knew right then that we were into something great.  We were a group of agencies but also a group of people who share and care for one other.  We didn’t end up winning the account but that was insignificant.  We worked together and we delivered.

We talk, interact, share and agonize about projects and knowledge day in and day out.  I strongly believe that we know we can depend on each other.  Of course, we have ambitions and expectations as well.  Things that we need to do.  We need to be more challenging.  We also need to be able to share the wealth better.  We need to convince our clients that what’s good for them in one part of the world, can actually work anywhere through the Comvort network.  We need to take our clients and introduce them to our network friends.  Be open about it too.

Here at Scenic, we are looking forward to the new challenges and the role Comvort can play in our business. The best is yet to come.


Themis Kalogeris, CEO Scenic Communication Services LTD