Our experience in the network

Our experience in the network so far…..

So far our experience in the Comvort network has been very positive. Being a member of Comvort has numerous essential benefits. It enables us to stay in touch with other agencies in the network and to share know-how and experiences. Furthermore the membership allows Faktenkontor to guarantee our clients that their public relations are not only internationally conducted but also of a high standard.


Jörg Forthmann, CEO at Faktenkontor GmbH

Interaction with other members

Faktenkontor uses the possibility to interact with other members whenever it is necessary.

How we use comvort for new business

Comvort membership per se gives us a good prospect of success for new business. The network enables its members to offer services on a global scale. This is a very attractive aspect for our clients and generally beneficial for new business. Nevertheless, so far we have not concretely generated new business through the network.

Suggestions for a better performance of each agency in the network

More possibilities of interaction between the agencies, e.g. through the direct exchange of employees, managed via a shared internet platform.


Roland Heintze, CEO at Faktenkontor GmbH