Mr Frank Schmitt credentials

Mr Frank Schmitt

Mr Frank Schmitt credentials

As the founder and owner of feeling Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH, Hamburg, Frank today supports the creativteam communications agency group as a senior consultant in business development in Germany. After two decades of entrepreneurship, in 2010, creativteam communications took over feeling to 100%. The full-service agency feeling he established in 1990 was positioned as a specialist in B2B with a high degree of creative and strategic demands. As the agency developed, the customer business became more international and feeling thus became a member of Comvort in 2003.

Before founding feeling Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH Frank worked in various network agencies (1977–1990); his last position being Managing Director at McCann-Erickson, Hamburg. Mr. Schmitt began his consultant career at SSC&B:LINTAS WORLDWIDE, a Unilever-agency and, later, continued this as Account Director and Management Member at D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles (DMB&B). His first job was as a Trainee at Standard Oil Company (Esso, 1974), after which he obtained a diploma in communication management. Frank Schmitt was born in Hamburg in 1947.

Comvort experiences

“I started the search for an organisation offering advertising- and marketing services cross-border like Comvort does being convinced, that client’s needs will tend to that direction soon, says Frank Schmitt. When the Eppendorf AG (Life sciences industry), one of feeling’s major German clients, looked for another agency because they expanded their business to North America, headquartered in Westbury, N.Y./USA, I identified the Comvort organisation and asked for help. Comvort organized some appropriate candidates in the N.Y. region in time; the German Marketing Director and me travelled from Hamburg to the client’s subsidiary in Westbury. After the agencies had presented and the evaluation process had been closed, gkBrand, N.Y. was hired as local agency. Thus we saved our business, developed the client relationship as a lead agency; the Eppendorf AG remained as a client till today.

Being part of Comvort enabled us to develop business with existing clients, e.g. KONICA MINOLTA Business Machines Europe or PENTAX Healthcare Europe. The membership opened doors to get in touch with prospective clients and worked as competitive edge vis-à-vis competition.

I’m really curious to get to know what I can do in my new role for Comvort after Karl’s phone call and his surprising message that I will become a „Member of Honour of Comvort“. I’m sure, to find it out the next annual meeting in Lissabon Oct. 2013 will be a good chance.”


Hamburg, June 2013


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