Mr Adalbert Dorpmund credentials

Mr Adalbert Dorpmund credentials

Mr. Adalbert Dorpmund did Linguistics and Economics studies at Göttigen University.

His first jobs were in Adversiting Agencies in Mannheim and Munich.

1974 – He settled in Paris to work for an agency specialized for French Brands in the German market (l’Oréal, Velosolex).

1978 – He specialized for German companies, advertising campaigns in France at Dorland & Grey agency in charge of famous brands in France (BAT, Agfa Gevert, UHU).

He was journalist for the advertising newspaper W&V in France.

In 1981 he settled his own Advertising Agency in Paris SINFONIE which later became EuroImpact, with the same line of German/French communications for international brands like Hipp, Sudmilch, Schüco, VEKA, Hebel and more.

Adalbert Dorpmund was co-founder of Comvort with Karl Jacobi in Barcelona.

He is teaching marketing in Business School (Essec) in German language.

His hobby is painting abstract style, and has re-build an ancient farm house in South of France.

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