Mapi Dufol CEO Aplica Comunicacion

“I felt lucky when last August the 23rd 2011 I started working after a well-deserved summer break and joined Comvort” Mapi Dufol CEO Aplica Comunicacion

All my team-mates were still enjoying their holidays, therefore I could be relaxed: no questions, no interruptions, not even a phone ringing, so I could take time to carefully read my e-mail inbox and spend enough time to answer all my messages. One of them specially called my attention… someone called Suki (male or female? I didn’t know then, but I was pretty sure he/she had Japanese ancestors) invited me to join a global net for advertising and marketing agencies.

At the very first moment, I had no doubt, I needed to open that window, explore it and know a whole different landscape. And that’s what I did…. two weeks later I was assisting the 22nd Comvort Annual Meeting in Seville.

A landscape that has always been there, open the window!

I dare saying that every single person I met at the Comvort meeting gave me, at least, a small capsule of knowledge. By knowing their specialization, by asking me specific questions (I’ve never made to myself) or by explaining their work or method.

Marketing and advertising can be as wide as agencies and clients can imagine, but, at the end of our working day, we have all been through the same kind of problems, clues or answers… just like Open Source programming, why shouldn’t we share our knowledge to help other companies and benefit from someone else’s knowledge at the same time? That’s comvort’s philosophy.

Communication is moving fast and we have to achieve our own goals. As professionals, we need to know what’s going on around the world, what’s been done and who are the main players, but, we will never identify our soul on huge multinational agencies, we need to meet people like us, people who, one day, decided to run their own advertising company, bigger or smaller, but focused on a “métier”, not only on benefits. We need to do what we tell our clients to do: talk and listen, ask and answer, share and… communicate!

I worked with a closed window for a long time, but not anymore.

World Wide Wisdom

Our clients are moving world wide, and we need World Wide Wisdom. Same product, same claim in a different country could have a different outcome, and only a local agency (combining professional and cultural knowledge) can help us to really succeed with our campaign. Today, I can reach more than 100 agencies that will give me this world wide wisdom!

Taking the best of everyone: that’s the “leitmotiv” to run productive business. The best of agencies all around the world is A LOT of best!

Mapi Dufol, CEO Aplica Comunicacion