The brand SUPERSER needs to be re-launched. Special attention must be paid to fridge/freezers and washing machines. • The market is very complex, thanks to its segmentation. The leading brands are: Zanussi, Fagor and Balay. Of the three main segments (washing machines, fridge/freezers and dishwashers) only the last two are evolving positively. • SUPERSER are losing presence in the fridge/freezer market and sales of washing machines and dishwashers are not experiencing any growth at all. The image of SUPERSER is one of yesterday – a traditional brand – and far flung from the image of an ideal household appliance product.
Re-launch the product. • Increase brand recognition for SUPERSER. • Present a new, more modern brand image; for today, tomorrow and the future. • Position the brand as middle-class.
After investigating the market in great depth, the campaign objectives are established: • Radically change the brand image. Associate SUPERSER with modernity and innovation. • Transmit a message of DURABILITY/RESISTANCE through a promise that connects the benefits of the product with the expectations of the house-wife. • Generate confidence in the brand as a whole, not as a single product, as the only way to fight the level of user ignorance they are experiencing in relation to household appliance characteristics and offerings. • Create a line of communication inspired in the pass of time as a synonym of resistance, creating a credible promise supported by the guarantee of Grupo BYSE – with its connotations of quality, technology and innovation – and directed mainly at house-wives of between 20 and 50 years of age belonging to the middle and lower-middle class, bearing in mind that the husbands also play an important role in the purchasing decision. The media strategy was based in TV, combining a selective programming of national TV, private channels, regional and autonomous channels. The campaign was supported with advertising in magazines, cinema, bill boards, the general press, specialty magazines and point-of-sale publicity.
MASSIVE CAMPAIGN: • 2 spots on TV, 25” (fridge/freezer and washing machine) • Filmnet cinema 30” • Vallas campaign 8x 3, including a pre-campaign teaser. • National campaign in mainstream and professional magazines. SUPPORT STRATEGY: • Sales folder • Corporate video 5'. • Brand image ads in professional magazines. • Direct marketing campaign to wholesalers. • Support triggers at point-of-sale. • Sponsorship.
Information post-test 14.08.92 (Source IKERFEL) In reference to the first phase of the campaign. • The impact of the campaign reaches 43% of the target audience. • 14% remember the SUPERSER campaign. • 29% name SUPERSER before it is suggested. • An ideal POSITIONING is reached: The most memorable element of the campaign is DURABILITY. Within only 3 months of the campaign starting there are high levels of NOTORIETY, PRESENCE and BRAND IMAGE IMPROVEMENT. There is no resistance or blockage of any description: both spots are seen to communicate benefits that interest and recover the advertising investments from previous years.