Repositioning Fisherman’s Friend across Europe

Fisherman's Friend is a well-known brand of throat lozenges that draws on rich imagery and associations. The only problem was that these associations were often very different from country to country. In some countries, Fisherman's Friend signified rugged manliness, while in others, it spoke more to the image of spirit or friendship. The challenge was unifying an attribute - Fisherman's Friend had a powerful flavor with no equal -and a benefit for the brand repositioning.
Repositioning of the brand by maintain a brand promise on an attribute and a benefit.
Comvort was called in to determine how to position Fisherman's Friend throughout Europe with a unified benefit, albeit adapted to the local expectations for the brand. The solution was to create a concept with four unifying key elements that permit the creation of a central brand promise while at the same time addressing the experience of the product in each country.
In the research stage, many of the target customers spoke about the effects of Fisherman's Friend on the body and mind. Comvort seized upon this word and applied it in a number of situations, each one delivering the central brand promise in a number of ways that corresponded to the perception of Fisherman's Friend in each country: Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and The Netherlands.
The new positioning and advertising initiatives delivered a solid positive benefit to Lofthouse's bottom line.