Promoting Tunisia as a safe family destination

Promotion of Tunisia in the Eastern Europe, as a safe destination, rich in culture, relaxing places and also ideal for families. Attract tourists from different parts of Europe.
Increase the hotel occupancy rate. Build an image of Tunisia to communicate that it is a safe destination. Boost the economy of the country as it is dependent on tourism development and exports. After the Tunisian revolution in January 2011, the ONTT (National Office of the Tunisian Tourism) was really concerned about a decrease in tourism for the coming summer. European tourists did not trust in the stability of the country anymore. Families were also worried about coming back to Tunisia.
ONTT asked comvort to develop a campaign showing the new Tunisia to communicate the following values: o Tunisia has changed o Tunisia is now open to the world o Multicultural o Open minded o Tunisia is safe LIELENS led the international campaign for the ONTT: o They are French native speakers (easier for Tunisians than every local language) o They have extensive experience and expertise in tourism. o They carry out the financial control of the agencies involved in the campaign o Centralization at L!ELENS of all the invoices for the 5 markets o L!ELENS does quality control on the job done by the local agencies ONTT benefits from the expertise of local agencies, knowing very well their own country and market. They also enjoy the cost savings from the way comvort works, having one global strategy, one creation...
Outdoor campaigns, press, online marketing, point of sale material. Adaptations of the visuals are carried out for 2012.
An important business has been generated for the agencies. The turnover for the 5 markets together is: o 2010 : 900.000€ o 2011 : 1.300.000€ o 2012 : 3.700.000€ L!ELENS states the this business would not have been possible without a global network like comvort.