Pilkington new corporate identity and product launch

Analysis of previous communications from the company showed the product had been portrayed in a cold, functional way. The brand guidelines were formulaic and literal, and offered little creative leeway. In turn, the new product launch would incorporate a new set of corporate values as a conduit for making those values known to customers.
Revaluating the corporate identity and launch a new product in Europe.
The sheer resources available to Pilkington through partnership with comvort would allow the company to attain a firm grasp on where the brand stood in each market, and make adjustments based on the key findings and insights. comvort sought to measure how customers would respond to a portrayal of glass as something that could be celebrated for the positive role it plays in our lives and our environments.
The pan-European product launch of Pilkington Activ, a self-cleaning window, was carried out by comvort in the following markets: Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. By using the local expertise of comvort partners, it was determined that the media mix should include consumer press in the majority of markets, with the addition of TV in Ireland and radio in Austria.
The launch of Pilkington Activ was a tremendous success, as the research findings from the initial stages led ComVort to suggest investment in precisely the right markets. As sales volume increases, Pilkington.s advertising budgets have also increased. Sales are up 175% from initial launch, propensity to purchase increased from 48% to 78%, and product awareness has increased 40%.