Marketing strategy for Abbot blood glucose monitor

The product in question is a blood glucose monitor, used by diabetics to manage their food intake and maintain their health. Abbott, a German multinational corporation and a major player in the pharmaceutical field, approached comvort to launch and position the product and brand across 16 countries across Europe.
The 1st objective was to launch and position the product in Europe -subsequent follow-up campaign implemented in Europe/Middle East/Africa- showing that the monitoring of blood glucose with this product could not only fit in with a normal lifestyle, but that its design could be something that is admired. No longer would diabetics have to keep their monitors hidden. This new product was as sleek and modern as the latest Blackberry or PalmPilot, and fit in well with the other devices we use in our daily lives.
Comvort responded by conducting market research in each country, using the results to pinpoint the correct marketing strategy of .Everyday Simplicity.. With the key positioning statement in place, comvort then implemented the strategy in a unified yet country-adapted manner. In this multi-national product rollout and subsequent follow-up campaign, comvort harnessed the power of its global resources to provide accurate market information and solid executional strategies.
The launch was a success. Abbott was so pleased with the work comvort carried out for the launch that it returned to comvort for a second campaign. For this support campaign, comvort went back to each market in order to find what attributes of the product resonated most with customers. With the research pointing to .Likeability/Design. as a major driving attribute, it was time to craft a new campaign focusing on the sleek, modern look of the product, while at the same time maintaining a focus on the key product benefit of .Everyday Simplicity.. The follow-up campaign, launched in Europe/Middle East/Africa, took the focus to the product itself. By placing the product upon different backgrounds, ComVort illustrated perfectly the objectives of the campaign.