Pentax launch medical logo and magazine

Pentax Life Care Europe approached comvort looking for a way to efficiently market their flexible endoscopes and peripheral systems across Europe.
The objective was to structure a set Europe-wide brand profile, to stand out to the core target group of hospital and practice physicians.
ComVort set about solving the problem by conducting market research across a number of regions within Europe, with the goal being the identification of those brand truths that most accurately could be applied to Pentax.
With the research complete, comvort set about creating a new graphic and photographic logo, which can be easily transerred to all facets of the enterprise and all marketing communications. Additionally, a new magazine was launched, named PENTAX InfoScop.
The results of comvort.s campaign were apparent immediately. With the project not more than a year old, the company reported an increase in employee morale, as well as an increase in customer inquiries.