Real solutions – SAS American Express Corporate Card

To gain the attention of management for a question often overlooked and not on top of anyone's list - that of travel policies, travel expences and travel administration.
The objective was to close more deals and thus make more companies use the SAS American Express travel services as their travel agency and corporate card.
We chose to address the target group (purchasing directors in the Nordic Countries) with direct mailing, followed up by telemarketing with the aim of booking sales meetings. The core element in the campagin was a booklet giving away valuable information on how to make corporate travel easier.
We chose to address purchasing directors in all Nordic countries with a direct mailing introducing the campaign to them. They were also offered the possibility to order a booklet on how to get an easier travel management. The direct mailing was followed by a telemarketing campaign where all subjects were offered a personal meeting with an account manager from American Express. In case they declined a meeting, they were offered a series of e-mailings with easily accessible information on SAS American Express services. Each e-mailing offered the possiblity of ordering the book.
Compared to the year before, when the campaign budget was three times as big and mainly based on advertising (online and print), the number of closed deals was doubled.