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In this time of pandemic panic and climate change, companies need to adapt and evolve. And their creative agencies can play a vital role in identifying new or better ways to reach and interact with stakeholders to create impact (with less carbon footprint and virus transfer).

How do you deal with the new reality of less personal interaction and less face-to-face meetings? Isn’t a meeting, lunch or handshake the very key behind a long, successful business relationship? Yes, it is. But now you’ll just have to find other ways to make it personal.

Here are a few ideas on how you can create impact across different channels:

Webinars are too often a pretty dull affair, unless you utilise their full potential. Attendees are ready to spend an average of 52 minutes on a good webinar, ready to go deep, while looking for actionable insights. The opportunities are immense with panel discussions, audience interactions, live questions and much more.

A virtual meeting room for two people or bigger groups, already integrated in everyday business for most. There are many platforms, features and great tools available but interestingly enough, they are very often underused. And the meetings can be made SO MUCH more effective.

Invite key stakeholders to a virtual roundtable meeting or advisory board to discuss industry challenges. A closed, 90 minute, fully moderated meeting. You’ll be surprised about the value you get out of bringing your network together like this.

If HQ is not sending staff to the seminar, congress or show – make sure you provide the local teams with some great tools to achieve success. Their motivation, understanding and professional execution is worth an investment.

Not being able to show and discuss your product face-to-face puts a lot of pressure on a professional presentation material. Invest in creating improved sales support material that really resonates with your prospects/customers and creates a vivid dialogue.

Not everyone can attend a trade show, so why don’t you bring the show to your customer instead? There are tons of ideas on how you can convey the best pieces of your stand and stories to customers. Here’s a few of them:

  • Real tour of stand (GoPro, film, combined with on-screen texts/boxes, interviews etc)
  • Virtual tour of stand or new innovations (using VR, AR, 3D, gamification)
  • Online booking link, to book web meetings for a personal run-through of the stand/news
  • Offering a delegate bag with deals, offerings and goodies
  • Live (and recorded) interviews with key people (in the stand or elsewhere)

Convey the congress experience through storytelling, editorial pieces, cartoons or any other fun way to convey the ambience of a social event.

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