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Srdce Evropy dazzles in their International Press Event for Jaguar Land Rover

Srdce Evropy International Press Event Jaguar Land Rover

Srdce Evropy International Press Event Jaguar Land Rover in Bohdanec


We would like to share some news from our agency member based in Czech Republic,  Srdce Evropy. The team of Srdce Evropy, directed by our colleague Sabina Kvášová, did a great job for the account Jaguar Land Rover -in Austria- and they led a challenging international press conference for Czech and Austrian journalists. Jaguar Land Rover (Salzburg, Austria) admited to be really impressed by the concept of the event for journalists created and led by this full service communication agency from Prague.

Therefore, Jaguar Land Rover decided to organize an international event presentation of the new model Range Rover Sport Hybrid with the Prague´s agency  team. About 80 Czech and Austrian journalists visited Bohdanec,  a small village located in central Bohemia with its unique Agnes Hotel. They drove on those premium off-roads cars in wonderful landscapes, surrounded with forests, meadows and guarries.

“Definitely it was a challenge to find the location and to prepare diverse off-road routes that would be attractive to journalists from motor media, and provide service for the Land Rover Experience team. The project, however, succeeded and we are thinking about another concept that we could offer to other clients in the Czech Republic,” says Ladislav Langpaul, CEO of Srdce Evropy.

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