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GS Healthcare Communications reinforces his international profile by joining Comvort

Gams & Schrage Healthcare is the creative agency specialised in heart and brain health communications, two essential factors that make OTC’s full service, OTx and Rx so successful, since 1999. They work for companies in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, medicine, health, and medical technology. A healthy mixture of industries that this new member, based in Krefeld, will indeed make them the perfect partner for any project along those lines within the network on a global scpoe. Run by Jan Roetzel and Sabine Meusel, Gams & Schrage Healthcare have just joined Comvort and already brought a global pitch to work in USA , so they have already had the opportunity to work with our member in LA, Renee Fraser, CEO of Fraser Communications.


Jan Roetzel and Sabine Meusel, based in Krefeld, Germany.

Jan Roetzel and Sabine Meusel, based in Krefeld, Germany.

They are specialized on Healthcare.
They  are bridge builders between medicine and creation.
They define themselves as competent in Rx and OTC.
They are strong in concept and implementation.
Jan Roetzel is responsible for design  aspects and consulting at the agency. After completing his studies, he worked in the product management of Pfizer GmbH and then as a management supervisor at Angela Liedler GmbH. Biologist. Sabine Meusel is responsible for strategy and consulting. She has been the managing director of the G & S Healthcare Group since 2011. They say they wish  to be asked… because “our heart beats all aspects of healthcare communication”, claims Jan Roetzel.


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