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“2012 has seen a great start to the year for Birmingham based OWB, and the partnership with Comvort grows year on year, we are developing new and deeper relationships with agencies across the globe” Andrew Wilkinson Managing Director of OWB

This year alone we have collaborated with our partners in Prague, Belgium and France and have continued collaborations in other parts of the world. Comvort is unique, no other network gets close. We have over 30 years of collaborative skill and experience, our annual conference provides stimulation and a chance to really make strong cross-border unified alliances.

At OWB we utilise comvort in all of our new business and client strategic planning – we are able quickly and seamlessly to pick up a phone, send an email or work with our proactive central team to select partner agencies who can offer “on the ground” knowledge, advice and strategic and tactical implementation. No one else can achieve this.

As more brands look to overseas markets, comvort offers a true network of dynamic owner-managed agencies able to react quickly and effectively, on budget (and more than often at hugely favourable rates because we do not have the overheads of large agency networks) and on-brief.

Comvort is key to OWB’s success and strategic plan.


Andrew Wilkinson

Managing Director/CEO

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