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Measuring the performance of Internet Marketing actions

Internet Marketing is constantly becoming more and more complex due to the fact that there are so simply many parameters that can be measured.

Prior to commencing any Internet campaign it is absolutely vital to pause and clarify the specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) involved. That is, are we aiming for: (a) brand recognition, (b) increased sales, or (c) additional prospects.

As marketing & advertising experts we have to supply tangible metrics to our clients that track the results of the campaigns in real time.  Using such metrics means that the speed at which we can validate or dismiss tactics is optimum, and therefore we can deliver increased results and improve overall satisfaction for both our clients, and their audiences.

In simple terms, measuring the performance of Internet Marketing actions effectively allows us to gauge the real success of them.

Whilst there are plenty of statistics, numbers and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of Internet Marketing actions, we are going to identify and explain the four important KPIs:

 (1) Qualified Visits: this includes QUANTITY (number of users) and QUALITY (users have performed a predetermined interaction). The quality or the user behaviour allows us to identify genuine prospects.

(2) Click-Through-Rate: this is typically the primary metric used by online advertisers. Also written as “CTR”, this is one of several indicators that clearly measure the rate of direct response to Internet Marketing actions.

(3) Engagement Score: this valuable indicator is generated from a set of integrated metrics that captures the degree of interest to all digital media content, from videos and mobile applications to landing pages and social media.

(4) Return-On-Investment: needless to say the “ROI” is the key financial indicator, and possibly the most important for business leaders. The first three KPIs detailed above generally help clarify this one.

Ultimately the questions are always: “What is the value of the Internet Marketing actions?”, and “How is the performance of them being measured?”

It is our responsibility as Digital Marketing professionals to ensure we have a strong understanding of the relevant KPIs, and know how to apply them to each specific Internet Marketing action in order to maximize results and validate our actions.