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E-mail marketing optimization hacks

Although there are many marketing channels at your disposal, email is arguably the most powerful strategy for both B2B and B2C advertisers. This cost-effective solution enables you to reach potential customers in the place they visit every day – their inbox.

However, it’s not enough to just send emails from time to time. Your potential customers receive dozens of emails per day but open only a small part of them and engage with even fewer.

That being said, it’s more than evident that it’s time to start optimizing your email marketing campaign to get the most out of it.

The team behind 99firms.com created the infographic below to provide you with the most efficient hacks, supported by case studies.


Email Marketing Optimization Hacks & Case Studies (Infographic)

Mobile marketing

Among the vast array of technologies that have changed the way companies handle marketing, one of the most prominent innovations are smartphones. Just think about how often you check your smartphone everyday.

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel strategy which includes a wide range of activities that connect advertisers to a broader customer base through mobile devices and networks.

This is excellent for marketers since it increases the value of the advertising that gets through.

When done right, this type of marketing provides customers with personalized information so they can get what they need exactly when they need it.  Basically, it is a win-win!

Being early adopters of this marketing trend gave many renewed brands a tremendous advantage over their competitors.

Below, an infographic created by App Geeks about the advantages of  using mobile marketing.

Source:  appgeeks.org


104 Facts You Don’t Know About Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing currently represents one of the newest forms of digital marketing present on the market. For those who do not know, it provides customers with personalised information, promoting services, goods and ideas. The technique has been regarded as any marketing activity that is conducted through a network that mobile users are constantly connected to.

Some of the main benefits associated with mobile marketing include the possibility to send location and time-sensitive pieces of information, via a wide variety of channels, including push notifications, app-based marketing, QR codes, SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, in-game mobile advertising, voice email and even through automated calls. As we live in the era of smartphones, mobile marketing carried out via push notifications is essential to promoting services, establishing brand loyalty, encouraging people to purchase products or services, but also making sure that existing customers return to buy more.

In this particular infographic compiled by the team behind Website Builder, you will be able to find 104 interesting facts that you don’t know about mobile marketing, including desktop vs. mobile comparisons, niches that work best, great mobile marketing techniques, but also usage, user friendliness, adoption, commerce, search and conversion stats.


Professional Guest post by Website Builder WebsiteBuilder.org

Women in leadership – what makes public speaking so important to them?

Believe it or not, speaking in public is a national fear most people in business have. Research has proven that women in particular deal with very large obstacles. Even though many women have strong personalities, they cannot develop a “voice” thus are unable to express them through public speaking. Girls lose their capacity to speak up in early adolescence. If that ability is not nurtured on time, they eventually become afraid of standing out and they remain silent.

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Speaking in public while relating to others

Speaking in public is not just about speaking in front of people. It’s also about speaking while relating to them. Everyone can stand on a podium and hold a speech; but how many can do that while engaging those in the audience? Public presentations additionally involve communicating with employees, customers, clients and investors, as well as answering challenging questions from colleagues and superiors.

A lot of women find it difficult to convey ideas on the phone or in front of a large group of people. Inspiring and influencing people’s perception is tough because it involves speaking with authority and credibility. Fortunately, there are ways women can do that. All they have to do is take a risk and make themselves visible.

Establishing relationships

Speaking in public is an ability that can only be mastered with practice. Women must learn to speak in front of an audience if they want to thrive in the business environment. A detailed, accurate presentation can open a lot of doors for them. It can help them build strong relationships with their listeners. Confidence and authenticity are paramount when giving speeches. Whether you’re talking to employees or you’re getting ready to close a deal with an investor, it is important to believe in your strengths. You can do it providing that you can find the courage to showcase your expertise through words and body language.

Communicate, connect and inspire

In order to become an experienced leader you have to learn to communicate, connect and inspire. Speaking in public is a vital aptitude in business. One cannot thrive without it; self-awareness, people skills, self-management and social awareness are traits a leader must possess in order to help his/her companies succeed. Unlike men, women are a lot more sensitive. They’re sentimental and they often take things too personal. However, with proper training they can learn to express themselves and not let their emotions take over their judgment.

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Control your voice

Women should learn to control their tone of voice when holding presentations. They should stay away from sentences that seem like questions. Raising your voice at the end of a phrase creates confusion. That’s why you should listen to yourself speak first. Do that in private in front of the mirror, or better yet, record yourself speak. It will be easier for you to spot errors, not to mention that if you like what you hear your level of confidence will automatically increase too. Statements should sound like statements, so lower your tone and keep things casual.

Find your style

Women in leadership shouldn’t let themselves intimidated by their male counterparts. In order to feel confident while speaking in public, you have to find your style. Learn to feel comfortable on stage. Some people like to speak standing up, others prefer to sit down or move around holding a pen in their hands (or any other object). What makes you feel relaxed when you’re on stage or talking to a group of people? After you’ve made a decision you should begin focusing on perfecting your style.

Use your “womanly” traits to keep the audience engaged. Show compassion, altruism, and empathy. Don’t be afraid of letting people see the real you. Just because you’re a successful business woman it doesn’t mean you have to emphasize on your “bossy” attitude. Men usually do that; they always want to appear superior, and that’s usually because underneath they have serious insecurities they don’t want to deal with.

Speaking in public is paramount in business, and every successful business woman knows that. The more people you can move with your words and presence the better chances you have to take your company to new heights. Don’t let anyone intimidate you and use your “womanly powers” to draw attention. It will all be worth it in the end!

Professional Guest Post by Denny Averill (LondonSpeakerBureau.com!)

5 essential speaking skills every entrepreneur must have

public speaking skills

Success in business is not solely about having excellent business ideas or a good product to sell. These things don’t guarantee success. Long-term success depends on several other core skills. As an entrepreneur you must learn to masters most of them. Speaking in public for instance, is a trait you can’t overlook. Every business owner must know how to entice an audience. Here are 5 essential guidelines to help you master the art of public speaking.

  1. Time management skills

Every entrepreneur should have sound time management skills when speaking in front of an audience. For instance, if you have to talk to employees about a certain issue in the office, you are advised to be brief and concise. Don’t take be shallow when delivering a speech, but don’t get in too much detail either. Focus on the issue and seek for solutions. Ask for help from employees and look for a way to reach common ground. Time is of the essence, and if you’ve decided to talk to them during working hours, do it fast. Workers hate it when superiors take time from their schedules because this usually means they have to stay late to finish their tasks.

  1. Decisiveness

When speaking in front of an audience you must showcase thoughtfulness and decisiveness. Nobody will want to know what you have to say if you’re uncertain or unsure of what you’re trying to say. This skill is fundamental and it has to be mastered. Entrepreneurs deal with suppliers and investors all the time. They’re often compelled to make decisions fast otherwise their opponent may lose interest. Do you have what it takes to speak your mind and ask for what you want?

  1. Negotiation skills

There’s no way an entrepreneur can avoid speaking in public. This job usually entails a variety of additional responsibilities. You will have to deal with employees, investors, suppliers and vendors, so you can’t afford to lose your temper or worse, become nervous when it comes to making a decision. Negotiation skills are extremely important in the business environment. Speaking to 20 potential investors is not easy; you have to find a way to send a message and thus sell them your business. If you can’t grab their attention or bargain for a better deal, they won’t even listen to what you have to say.

Speaking skills- Comvort

  1. Confidence

Speaking in public is all about feeling confident. The better you feel on stage (or in front of a group of people) the higher chances you have to win them over. Believe what you’re trying to say and showcase dedication. Put passion in every single word and your audience will want to hear more. A lot of entrepreneurs are not confident because they don’t feel powerful enough. Truth be told, there’s nothing to be afraid of. You are the owner, so people will have to listen to you. But for that to happen you must exude poise and charisma.

  1. Appealing posture

Posture and body language matter a lot in business. You cannot afford to look sloppy as people won’t respect you. Good posture, calmness and determination are traits that will make you the best entrepreneur. Don’t let anyone sense your anxiety and use mimics and gestures to keep an audience engaged. A good public presentation is based on information; although you don’t want to make it seem too technical. It’s quite alright to loosen up the ambiance a bit, and add a bit of humor to wake up those that have fallen asleep. Don’t cross your hands, don’t raise your voice, and don’t be shy in talking to the people. Address them questions and make them part of the speech; this adds value to your presentation and it makes it a lot more original.


Too many entrepreneurs fail to make their businesses thrive because they lack essential speaking skills. They don’t communicate with their people, and this decreases engagement in the office. When people don’t feel appreciated by their superiors, it is impossible to work in harmony and be productive. But if you learn to master the art of speaking in front of an audience, then it will be a lot easier for you to communicate with employees and grab their attention.


Professional Guest Post by Denny Averill (LondonSpeakerBureau.com!)