Have you heard of the 5 golden swimmer rules?

We recently came across a book titled “SWIM, get what you pursue” written by David Meca and Jaime Tomás.


David is 3 times world swimming champion and a long-distance swimmer in both pool and open water and his life-story is an example on how to achieve success. Jaime Tomás has more than 20 years business experience, focusing mainly in the finance sector and he is currently working in strategic consulting.

These two men have worked together to link up the swimming and corporate world. David shares 5 basic rules that he has learnt along his career and that have helped him not only survive but also succeed. The result is the book SWIM.

            Jaime Tomasdavid meca

Jaime Tomás and David Meca

What does swimming have to do with our business? Actually, it does a lot.

When organizations are in a great momentum this indicates that a “well-done“ effort has been made.  Projects may luckily start accumulating in the pipeline and we may feel a bit overwhelmed.

It is precisely in occasions like these that the 5 rules of swimmers become inspiring and encouraging.

5 rules of swimmers

1. Avoid piranhas – They only bite if you stop swimming, so do not stop moving.

2. One arm after the other – See the whole picture and move step by step.

3. Put your clothes away and swim – It is important not to carry heavy luggage to stay afloat, no fears, no prejudice or self-limitation. Carrying a heavy luggage can cause sinking.

4. Protect yourself from the sharks – Keep your associates and collaborators near you. On your way to success you will find predators that will try to get hold of your achievements. Succeed discreetly as your words can be the blood that attracts those sharks.

5. Learn to swim against the current – Difficulties must be overcome to get to the end.

swim whale

David in one of his open water swims

These 5 statements speak for themselves and are totally adaptable to our professional and personal lives.

It does not matter which waters you swim in, just keep on swimming!

Article posted by Vicky Perez, Corporate Communications & Business Development Manager at Comvort. She tweets at @PRVickyPerezBCN.

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