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Since 2014 scientists have been able to visualize emotional processes of the brain. Comvort member trio-group developed the brandsync system with some of these scientists. brandsync is a unique working method for emotional branding, based on neuro- and cognitive science as well as brand communication.
This method combines conventional marketing practices with different scientific models, specifically emotion and motivation characteristics. That is the reason why brandsync is able to determine and synchronize the different emotions and motivations of customer segments, departments, divisions, but also of further target audiences such as branches, points of sale and final customers.
As a result with right application every potential client is going to want to work with you.
These scientists and the development team of the trio-group among others will speak at our annual meeting, 9.-12. November, Francfort/Main, Germany, about this revolutionary technique. Scheduled workshops serve to convey the knowledge to enable you to use brandsync in your own company.
This is your most important appointment this year! Plan to come to Frankfurt/Main this November!
Details regarding the conference program, list of speakers, social team building as well as prices and booking details: Please send us a E-mail:


104 Facts You Don’t Know About Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing currently represents one of the newest forms of digital marketing present on the market. For those who do not know, it provides customers with personalised information, promoting services, goods and ideas. The technique has been regarded as any marketing activity that is conducted through a network that mobile users are constantly connected to.

Some of the main benefits associated with mobile marketing include the possibility to send location and time-sensitive pieces of information, via a wide variety of channels, including push notifications, app-based marketing, QR codes, SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, in-game mobile advertising, voice email and even through automated calls. As we live in the era of smartphones, mobile marketing carried out via push notifications is essential to promoting services, establishing brand loyalty, encouraging people to purchase products or services, but also making sure that existing customers return to buy more.

In this particular infographic compiled by the team behind Website Builder, you will be able to find 104 interesting facts that you don’t know about mobile marketing, including desktop vs. mobile comparisons, niches that work best, great mobile marketing techniques, but also usage, user friendliness, adoption, commerce, search and conversion stats.


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Tips to plan and execute a successful conference or customer Event

Great things do not just happen. A great event does not just go perfectly without serious planning before it all starts. Conferences and customer events are very interesting but not so easy to plan especially if you are keen on everything being perfect during the event. However, nothing is ever impossible. You just need to make your research and find those tips that are worth considering so that you might be able to plan memorable events that will make you feel proud of yourself. Take some time before the event to plan everything in detail and leave no room to unwanted surprises that might just ruin everything you have worked so hard to achieve. The success of every event is always in its details, do not forget it!

Tips Comvort Blog

Establish the Target Audience

Before planning anything for the great conference or customer event you have in mind you should clearly define your target audience. Once you have established this, you will be able to take proper decisions concerning the format of your special event, the prices to be spent, the location where it should all take place, how many people to invite or expect to be there, what kind of programs to include in the event as well as all the details related to any other special moment you may think of planning for your guests.

List Everything You Consider Important

Now that you know the kind of people to target for your conference or customer event, it is time to go forward and establish the next important details. Try to imagine how everything should happen and make a list of all the important details. Do not leave anything out because even the smallest detail can be very important and you do not want a conference fiasco just because you forgot about something. Think of the program content, details related to lighting, transportation and even parking when this might be an issue. No matter what kind of details might come up in your mind, write them down because it will be all on you if anything might not go well. When the event is great, the credit will also be attributed to you, the conference or the customer event planner.

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Establish the Clear Purpose of Your Event

Whenever you are planning an event, you should have a clear purpose for it in your mind. It cannot greatly achieve more than one purpose so it needs to be a clearly defined one to bring you desired results in the end. Just try to focus on what your message should be through the planned event or what you actually want to promote through the event: the services of your company, the new product of your client, a certain type of business, etc. Also, is this an event meant to raise money somehow or for any type of cause? Everyone involved in organizing the event should be aware of this purpose so that you might all be able to work together and help the event achieve its main purpose.

Be Aware of Limitations

It is more than obvious that your goal is to plan the perfect conference or customer event but this does not mean that you should just lose it. Be aware of limitations at all time and be ready to face any challenge that might arise. Be realistic because if your expectations will be higher than it might be possible to achieve you will never feel like you have done a great job. Analyse the things you can plan for the type of budget you have available as well as the amount of time in which you are required to plan the event. Not to mention the importance of the event venue in Suffolk. You cannot achieve more or less than what the venue of the event allows you to achieve. Make sure you do not invite more people than you should because it is never comfortable to have the crowd unable to understand why they came there.

Planning the perfect conference or customer event is challenging but not impossible. With the main purpose of the event in mind, in a perfect event venue in Suffolk and with every detail carefully considered, your event will be a blast.


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Books for Entrepreneurs: That you must absolutely read in the coming year

The internet can provide a huge amount of information, it can also provide a wide range of distractions, and social media is one such distraction! However, no matter how good the information is on the internet there is a time when it is better to curl up and read a good book – particularly if you’re an entrepreneur searching for some inspiration. A physical book can be leafed through, reference and left open while comparing it with another one. This is all so much easier than having multiple internet sites open. The following business books are a must-read during the coming year:

Marissa Mayer & The Fight to Save Yahoo! By Nicholas Carson

In “The Fight to Save Yahoo” you’re being introduced to the story of MComvort recommends Marissa Mayer & The Fight to Save Yahoo! arissa Mayer who left Google to save Yahoo. Unfortunately, not every story is a success story. The attempt attracted a lot of interest and even saw an adaption of this book appear in the New York Times. The books is extremely challenging and attention-grabbing; a must-read for those who want to find out how mistakes can be put to good use in business.

Elon Musk: Telsa, Space X & The Quest for a Fantastic Future. By Ashlee Vance

The author of this book is an experienced technical writer and frequently contributes to the Bloomberg Businessweek. “Telsa, Space X & The Quest for a Fantastic Future” is an interesting book that follows Elon Musk’s attempts to reinvent the future and provides some gripping glimpses into the mind of an entrepreneur.

The Innovators. By Walter Isaacson

This is the same author who wrote the excellent autobiography about Steve Jobs. The Innovators is a book written in the same vein, although it covers multiple people in the process. As the title suggests it studies how the digital revolution came into being.

Scaling Up Excellence. By Robert I Sutton & Hayagreeva Rao

The authors of this book actually teach a class at Stanford and use their book to complement the course. “Scaling Up Excellence” is well written, in a friendly tone and will allow you to discuss scaling with any interested party. One read of the book and you will be able to hold a conversation with a specialist!

Comvort recommends the book Scaling

The Hard Thing about Hard Things. By Ben Horowitz

The author of this book is one half of the Silicon Valley based company, Andreessen & Horowitz. The focus of “The Hard Thing about Hard Things” is on how to start a business from scratch, as revealed by an industry insider; someone who has been there and done just that. As well as start up information it will give you an insight into a successful entrepreneur’s mind.

Zero to One. By Peter Thiel

This is return by the co-founder of Paypal and looks at that idea that it is better to go from nothing to something than from something to something better. “Zero To One” teaches you to look for something new, the next opportunity and seize it.

Hooked. By Nir Eyal

This is currently the most recommended book to read for anyone looking to start a business. Written by an entrepreneur, “Hooked” looks at which products have stormed the market and what similarities there are between these products. More importantly, it looks at what makes these products appealing and how do they become so popular and in demand.

Creativity Inc. By Ed Catmull

The author of ‘Creativity Inc” is the co-founder of Pixar with Steve Jobs; he uses this book to share his experience of how to build a creative culture. In a nutshell, the book promotes the importance of having a good team, because they can make even an average idea brilliant. The author has a great deal of experience to share on this subject, and it’s certainly a pleasant read for novice entrepreneurs searching for their big break.


Are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur who’s just lacking inspiration? Do you need motivation but you can’t find it anywhere? Well then you might want to read a good book to stir you in the right direction. Make your pick, check out our suggestions and prepare yourself to become the next Donald Trump in your own domain of activity.

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